Silent Sunday

When we are blogging or on the internet, we are not really there…

So when our computer dies the good news is, we are still alive!

Doing anything on the internet is hit and miss for me and if you are reading this it’s more by luck than judgement, peering through a mist. Depending entirely on my iPad is like working a thick fog.

Many bloggers complain about WordPress; perhaps this explains why I cannot comment on some blogs, asked to log in or sign over my soul to the Devil, still I cannot pass on my very intelligent comments… So if I silently Like your blog withour passing on adoring, wise and amusing comments, it’s not my fault….

Here are the comments you missed. Congratulations on having your new flower published. What lovely colourful books. Sorry to hear you have been on holiday. That sounds like a fantastic stay in hospital.

Finding my way to WordPress

Nearly there

Door locked.

14 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. I’m like you I cannot fathom or have the patience to work out the wonders(as)every apple lover takes great pains to mention the workings of my iPad…I now have a backup laptop it may be old and has been replaced by this one but she still works albeit it is a tad slower far better than I do wrestling with my iPad…

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    1. Yes Carol I am sure I only take advantage of one per cent of the things it’s supposed to do. We only bought the iPad to do FaceTime when our son was posted to the USA for three years. They have been back for two years, so I have had plenty of time to get used to it!

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  2. I like the idea of leaving all the comments in one place. Let everyone else figure out for whom they’re for. 🤣 I know what a bad feeling it is when you cannot use your preferred device.

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