No Mow May

Excitement is building as gardeners everywhere measure their grass to see the results of No Mow May.

How tall is a blade of grass?

Will leaving nature alone see the arrival of new species of insects?

Will your regular flowers make a bid for freedom?

No garden is too small to turn into a jungle.

…or a wildflower meadow

There is no reason why you can’t still play with your pot plants and plant pots and dream of entering Chelsea Flower Show. Bespoke bin store with rainwater saving feature created by Strobe Interiors .

( Christmas Trees are not just for Christmas… )

And of course you can never have too many flowers for the bees.

27 thoughts on “No Mow May

  1. My lawn mower is getting a lot of use these days since everything in the yard is on steroids. I think we should rename it More Mow May.

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    1. Hello Audrey, yes so do I, very good for the inner core muscles. My confession is that I do mow the ‘working ‘ part of the grass ( it never was worthy of the name lawn ) otherwise I would never get to the washing line or be able to put garden chairs out!

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      1. Yes, it’s a real workout! I have a bunch of separate sections of grass among the beds and paths, but they’re certainly nothing special. Sounds deceptively grand when I refer to them as “the lawns.”

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  2. I am cutting some areas so I can get to the raised beds but leaving others. I do use a scythe and it is much nicer than pushing a lawnmower.

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      1. I went on a course locally to learn to scythe – just a day course at where I was shown how to set the scythe up to fit my body (the handles are adjustable) and the grass I wanted to cut (blades are different lengths). Then shown how to use it and allowed to practice in the Hay meadow at Dyfed Permaculture farm. It isn’t difficult but I did decode t go on an ‘improvers’ course later because I don’t have enough grass to practice a lot!

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  3. Well done to you and Audrey for using a hand-mower. I can’t even manage my electric Flymo any longer, and pay a man to mow the lawn because of Arthritis in my hands. It is quite long at the moment, but he is coming again in June.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I haven’t got much lawn, or rather grass to chew up would be a more accurate description of my mowing and I admit to slightly envying next door’s artificial lawn! My hands don’t work properly either, especially with all the stuff I have taken for cancer, so I wonder if I should get one of those round robot mowers that whizzes round by itself!


      1. A near neighbour has a huge back lawn, 10 times the size of mine. He uses one of those robot mowers all the time, and I see it wandering around. It seems to do a good job. 🙂

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  4. Whoa, beautiful wildflowers and other pretty plants. I think I even saw a sedum variety. But, I didn’t see dandelions, the bane of those of us who like nice lawns, or are too ignorant to know better. Did all your neighbors join or did the community not have a choice? If I recall, you were having drought issues.

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    1. Hello Steve, we certainly had a drought last summer and grass was reduced to hay, but we have had plenty of rain since then and everything is green and lush. It is a nationwide idea, not compulsory, just an encouragement to leave some areas wild. It has been a good spring for dandelions. Councils tend to leave areas such as cliff tops and the edges of parks unmown, where previously they would have mown every blade of grass, some councils also sow wild flower areas and verges.

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