Sunshine and Showers

If you love both gardening and writing much is dependent on the weather. Autumn, even with a small garden, is a time for tidying and bulb planting, but also refreshing with as much colour as you can bring back from the garden centre. If the sun is shining after a night of rain, it is a treat to the senses to be digging and watching bees buzzing round late summer flowers, but your writer demon is tapping on your shoulder.

Wouldn’t you like it to pour with rain so you can get back to your computer. You haven’t touched your novel, your website is weary and you haven’t LIKED the posts of your fellow authors on Facebook…

But I have found time to dust and vacuum my website so do visit where the sun is always shining.

Return and Reboot

We have arrived home from our 24 days away to find the house still standing and unburgled. But I could not access my Command Control Centre (computer in the bedroom); due to my insistence on unplugging everything electrical while we were away lest lightning strike the house. Strange white messages appeared on a black screen, pressing F1 was not enough and long suffering Cyberspouse had to reset the computer’s body clock and re-boot it. But I still stand by my sensible precaution as our local area did have a dramatic storm while we were away. We also have the electrician in this week leading to more switching off and rebooting. But today I can get down to some writing as housework is out of the question with the electrician working in every room.

September brought a very hot late summer especially in Kent and there was only one rainy hotel afternoon when I actually got out my notepad. The rest of the holiday was spent with family or visiting interesting places and spotting ( and sneakly photographing) fascinating people. So I have returned with no progress on my novel, but plenty of ideas for more stories.