People and Places

When friends or family members move to a new part of the country my first thought is A new place to write about and send my characters to. My second thought Wonder what their new home is like? Setting for a short story, inspiration for my novel?

I wasn’t disappointed this weekend. The young couple are living inside a World Heritage Site in a delightful cottage. The whole area abounds with history and they took us to visit a ‘Victorian Town’ so we could legitimately nose into other people’s homes; fun, even though the original inhabitants were no longer present and their humble dwellings had been moved brick by brick from their original settings…. or perhaps the people we met were not dressed up volunteers….

The Times and Tides of a Beachwriter

Writers and readers, we’re all floating around in the ether, but somehow connecting with each other. Fun on Facebook, words on websites, forming forums. I have a website, I write a blog on Goodreads, but everyone except me seemed to be on WordPress, so I decided to join in, come here for my coffee break and hopefully others will too. Nothing too intense just a few jottings on what I’m jotting.

I’m writing my fifth novel ‘At The Seaside Nobody Hears You Scream’; the opening is inspired by the Valentine’s Night  storm of 2014. I’m also putting together my third anthology which will be called Times and Tides. Are you sensing a maritime theme? We live by the sea now, but I have also lived in a variety of places and write about anything and everything.

Now it’s time I went off to see how The Olympics are going.

Janet Gogerty