I have been writing furiously for fourteen years and have five novels and four collections of short fiction published on Amazon Kindle; my collections and three of my novels are also available as paperbacks. I post short fiction regularly on my blog as well as writing about real life and reviewing books and television.


I have been interviewed as a guest of other bloggers, but not yet on radio or television. Here are some questions I might be asked.

Do you write in long hand first?

Yes, I like to scribble when I’m in the garden, beach hut, or with my feet up indoors. I always have a notebook with me so I can sit in a coffee shop people watching and eavesdropping…

Do you have a special place to write?

I was very excited to get my own ‘office’ when we changed the house around. ‘Control Command Centre’ where I do all my typing while maintaining contact with the rest of the world. Sometimes I am trying to finish a blog or a chapter while messaging my sister in Australia who has just got up and wonders why I’m still up…

What are your longest and shortest stories?

Six words and 240,000. I was runner up in a six word competition – ‘I am starting again’ said God. My first novel Brief Encounters of the Third Kind was 315,000 words when I finished the first draft, I managed to edit it down…

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere and everyone. I have lived in a variety of places and done all sorts of jobs. I also get ideas listening to the radio.

At our writing group we have a new topic each week and that is how my novel and many of my short stories have started. I like to write about ordinary people, often they have to deal with very strange things.

Do you have time for any other interests?

Yes, but it’s hard to fit in chores and cooking! Reading, gardening, walking, beach hut life, concerts, theatre, family stuff, meeting up with friends, National Trust, camera club and photography; nearly all the pictures you see on tidalscribe have been taken by me. While some of my activities have been suspended by the world wide pandemic, I still have the pictures!

 Visit my Amazon Author Page for a glance at my books.




In the summer of 2013 Annette Bethany Brown went missing without trace. Her boyfriend Toby Channing was the last person to see her, the only person who knew where she had spent the previous days.

In February 2014 Tobias Elliot Channing, private investigator, was still roaming the country, a camper van detective specialising in missing persons; hoping to discover why so many people go missing. He was visiting every place that had a connection with Anna, there were still no clues to her disappearance.






In the early years of the Twenty First Century, widow Susan Dexter has more to worry about than the recession. For thirty years she has kept a secret; she is not sure if her daughter is human. New events lead her to other people who need to find the truth.
How do ordinary people cope with the extraordinary?
Mystery, music and medicine are at the heart of this family saga; sub plots are woven amongst several very different love stories, as the characters question what it is to be human and what is reality.

A man wakes up on a London park bench wearing another man’s clothes and another man’s watch. As he finds his bearings he realises the impossible has happened.
This is the preparallequel to ‘Brief Encounters of the Third Kind’ and second of the trilogy.
In the early years of the Twenty First Century a stranger arrives in Ashley. Only he knows the truth about what will happen to beautiful musician Emma Dexter in seven months time, but will he be able to save her and the others caught up in events that defy explanation?
Julie Welsh is a busy mother with plenty of problems and her life is about to get far more complicated when she stops to help a stranger.
The universe is unknowable, what happens in these two novels could happen to any of us!
Do you like a good family saga, do you enjoy fast moving thrillers, do you wonder at the meaning of life and the whole universe? If the answer is yes to any or all of those questions, you will enjoy this novel.

All Anna DaSilva ever wanted to be was a doctor, but newly qualified, she met a group of people who were to change her life.
As Anna Alsop emerges from the misery of morning sickness she looks back on the past year and tries to come to terms with the year ahead. Married swiftly to a man she hardly knew, step mother to a hyperactive toddler who must be protected from himself and the rest of the world, can love and sharing the impossible be enough to build a family and her career?
Anna and the other residents of Holly Tree Farm keep their inexplicable experiences secret from the rest of the world and try to create a normal life, but for how long?
‘Lives of Anna Alsop’ is the third and final novel in the ‘Brief Encounters Trilogy’.

In the nineteen sixties many ‘ten pound pommies’ had never left England before and most expected never to return or see loved ones again. George Palmer saw Australia as a land of opportunities for his four children, his wife longed for warmth and space and their daughter’s ambition was to swim in the sea and own a dog. For migrant children it was a big adventure, for fathers the daunting challenge of finding work and providing for their family, but for the wives the loneliness of settling in a strange place.



Quarter Acre Block

Brief Encounters Trilogy : Brief Encounters of the Third Kind

                                                   Three  Ages of Man

                                                   Lives of Anna Alsop

At The Seaside Nobody Hears you Scream


Dark and Milk

Hallows and Heretics

Times and Tides

Someone Somewhere

Times and Tides of a Beachwriter has remained in

The European Union


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  1. Thanks for stopping by. Loved your most recent piece about the Music Notes. My parents didn’t have classical music at home put my mom looked for it on TV or in the park. I was able to play the cello in my school’s orchestra. I love getting lost in it, although the William Tell Overture still says “Lone Ranger” to me. LOL Your books sound interesting will look you up in the other sites. All the best.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks very much, so glad it resonated with you. I’m impressed you got into the school orchestra; I tried a few instruments at school and college without success – that’s for future blogs!


  2. Hi, Janet—

    I just stopped by to thank you for liking a comment I made on Matthew Richardson’s blog, prompted by his review of a large Vietnam book. I admire how prolific you are and will be back to further explore your work.


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