People and Places

When friends or family members move to a new part of the country my first thought is A new place to write about and send my characters to. My second thought Wonder what their new home is like? Setting for a short story, inspiration for my novel?

I wasn’t disappointed this weekend. The young couple are living inside a World Heritage Site in a delightful cottage. The whole area abounds with history and they took us to visit a ‘Victorian Town’ so we could legitimately nose into other people’s homes; fun, even though the original inhabitants were no longer present and their humble dwellings had been moved brick by brick from their original settings…. or perhaps the people we met were not dressed up volunteers….

3 thoughts on “People and Places

  1. I always think, ‘people live here’ wherever we go. I love looking at homes, gardens, villages etc. I like to see what they’ve done to their houses, would I have added that extension? & so on. Also, what work do they do? What grows there? I think it’s all part of the allure of travel.

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