Lower Your Expectations!

I always envy Grace when she sets off on one of her journeys – we don’t have a camper van, but I also abhor organised trips. This weekend we only made it as far as Stratford upon Avon – when we were asked at the hotel if we were with the Bridge Group – ‘Certainly Not’ I replied. Looking round Shakespeare’s birthplace and sitting by the river in the sun writing was more my scene.


A wonderful lady I worked with years ago sometimes used to say ‘Lower your expectations’. She would use this phrase whenever we felt jaded or that events were taking a downward turn. It was intended to be droll-and it was, because it always brought a smile to our faces.

But the idea of lowering expectations is not without advantage. If I consider a worst case scenario in life then the outcome will either be a] as I expected or b] not as bad as I expected, both of which are better than a disappointment.

I can apply this approach to all aspects of life. We have just embarked on a new expedition into Europe, intending to travel in directions hitherto unexplored [by us]. The preparations for this odyssey seem endless and difficult, partly due to it’s being the first major road trip of the year and partly because my brain…

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