Kew Gardens reopens world’s largest glasshouse to visitors after 5-year restoration

My garden share of the week and this place is a lot more exciting than our tiny ‘sun lounge’. Kew Gardens are part of my early memories, as my parents were renting the top half of a house they were always taking me out for my fresh air and exercise.
The last time we went there we were in the Princess Diana glass house I believe, our youngest ( three years old ) sat on a large cactus – there was a collective gasp from a party of Japanese tourists!

Life & Soul Magazine

London’s Kew Gardens reopens its famed Temperate House – home 10,000 plants from of temperate climates around the world – today after a five-year restoration.

More than 69,000 items have been cleaned and replaced in the vast Grade I-listed building, billed as the world’s largest Victorian glasshouse and home to some of the rarest plants from the world’s temperate regions.

Wildlife champion Sir David Attenborough officially opened the Temperate House on Wednesday, ahead of today’s public opening.

Describing the Temperate House as a “breathtakingly beautiful space, Sir David Attenborough told the BBC: “Plant species can go extinct just like animal species can go extinct, [so] this is a very important institution.”

The £41million ($56 million) restoration project – with 15,000 new panes of glass put in – required 180 km (112 miles) of scaffolding, 5,280 liters of paint and more than 400 people working on it.

The glasshouse was closed for the works, with a…

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