Oh how I love the British Isles – a humorous poem

Robbie’s home is in South Africa and she has just been on a whirlwind trip to the UK. Her light hearted poem is a reminder to appreciate how much we have.

4 thoughts on “Oh how I love the British Isles – a humorous poem

  1. Great poem. I’ve read that the weather isn’t precisely iffy ,more like tropical and seasonal together – Rains in the summer, plenty of snow in the winter. Still, i’d like to visit the british isles one day and experience it all for myself.

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    1. Our weather was always changeable, now like the rest of the world with ‘global warming’ it is even more unpredictable and varies from one part to another; the fun of living on an island! Modern weather forecasting is quite reliable and we can see rain or heat waves coming. I’m sure you would enjoy a visit.

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      1. When i lived in Brazil, i could see the rain coming from miles away. We’d have blue skies , but on the next town over, the clouds would be grey and we’d sit under a warm patch of sun and and wait for it to reach us.

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