5* Review for Quarter Acre Block by Janet Gogerty #ContemporaryFiction

Anita and Jaye are great supporters of fellow writers and between them have written a fascinating selection of novels. Today they are sharing their new review of my novel.

Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

This is a 5* review for Janet Gogerty’s amazing  book, Quarter Acre Block. Janet is a member of Verified Purchase Review Group.

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In the nineteen sixties, many ‘ten pound pommies’ had never left England before and most expected never to return or see loved ones again.

George Palmer saw Australia as a land of opportunities for his four children, his wife longed for warmth and space and their daughter’s ambition was to swim in the sea and own a dog.

For migrant children, it was a big adventure, for fathers the daunting challenge of finding work and providing for their family, but for the wives the loneliness of settling in a strange place.

Our Review

I can remember the winter of 1962-63, also known as…

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2 thoughts on “5* Review for Quarter Acre Block by Janet Gogerty #ContemporaryFiction

  1. It is terrific to get such lovely feedback on your book Janet. Congratulations. Our family almost went to Australia around 1972. Dad thought it would be a fresh start for us after Mum died. One of my sisters did not want to leave Scotland so we never left. I have yet to visit Australia. 🌼

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  2. Thanks. It is almost guaranteed that on the bus or on holiday I will meet someone with relatives in Australia, or Aussies on holiday here. I also meet quite a few people who nearly went!


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