The Game of Life – Last Posting Date

Today is the last posting day for second class in the United Kingdom. After our early Xmas I thought there would be a long relaxing period of sending out a few cards and posting a couple of parcels. I put off working out who to send cards and whose cards to include THE NEWS in; I have written a few messages, but it has reminded me of a friend’s Christmas card story. They got a card from a friend in their previous town; it read something like

Happy Christmas from Christine (mother) and Joe (son ) 

    ps Pete ( husband ) was killed in a car accident.


Cancer Conversations

In a previous incarnation I had a friend who was the practice manager at our doctor’s surgery in a Victorian Villa. The doctor had ambitions to build up a care home, it never got beyond three residents upstairs with windows in the sitting room overlooking the church – and the graveyard. Occasionally my friend would rope some of us in to cover a shift, usually a cosy evening watching telly and knitting with two old ladies ( luckily nothing ever went wrong as I had no medical training ). One time there was a chap as well, ninety two years old with bowel cancer. He complained that he had led a good life and did not deserve to be punished. We wondered why he was not grateful for a long life and had he never noticed illness can strike the good and the bad, young and old…


gray snake on black rock formation

Reasons to be Fearful

With family from nought to ninety two years on three continents there is no catastrophe I haven’t imagined happening – except the bizarre accident that killed my cousin recently, I had never imagined that one. Having one fear realised does not mean the rest of the family are now magically protected, the rules of the game of life don’t work like that. But most of us, most of the time, are still comforted by the thought that major disasters and cruel twists of fate happen to other people.

5 thoughts on “The Game of Life – Last Posting Date

  1. That is such a tragedy, awful for his class, school and family. Car accidents are high up on my list of fears because you can never guard against them completely and when someone is late home you fear the worst!

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  2. Hi Janet!

    I think the “tragedy only happens to other people” lie that our brains tell us is what allows us to get out of bed in the morning. Otherwise we would be too petrified to do ANYTHING.

    My sympathies to you regarding your cousin.

    Also, I panicked when I saw the title of your post. I thought you were announcing that this was your last post! I was very relieved when I realized I’d misinterpreted your title. 🙂

    Have a very merry Christmas!


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  3. Thanks for your comments Bif, how true… governments would never recruit any young men for the armed forces if youths didn’t believe they were invincible. Plenty more blogs to come… looks like we’re heading for a very wet Christmas… hope yours is goood.


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