Game of Stones

I am not the only person in the world who has not seen Game of Thrones, there is at least one other person; I know that because I saw their post on Facebook. With the worldwide plethora of channels and other means of watching programmes there are not enough hours in the day to watch everything and we don’t all have legal access to much of the output. Neither lack of hours nor technical and legal barriers affect some viewers, who seem to have seen everything – three times over.

Perhaps I would have enjoyed it, though I prefer drama set in this world, but I fear it is too late to catch up; boxed sets, whether real or ethereal do not appeal. I enjoy watching serials one episode at a time. What I have finally caught up with is ‘Outlander’, a series involving time travel, so it is touching that we are only able to watch it with that prehistoric tool, a fire stick. This particular magic tool is an Amazon Firestick, acquired when Cyberspouse accidentally joined Amazon Prime via my account and obtained lots of toys. Now we are watching in real time and have to wait till Monday for episode 12 of series four, so I decided to find out more, especially as I have not read any of the books.

Diana Gabaldon is the author; she started writing the story in the eighties and there are nine in the series; with only five filmed so far that means plenty to look forward to and reassuringly genuine, not ‘based on characters created by’.

When I read these words     There is one more addition to the OUTLANDER series— THE EXILE, a graphic novel,  I thought she had written an edition with even more sex,  but it’s okay – For those unfamiliar with the term, a graphic novel is—in essence—a comic book for grown-ups.

Diana and I have a few things in common, born in the same decade and we both write about time travel…    ‘Outlander’ starts with our heroine Claire on holiday in the highlands of Scotland, reunited with her husband after being separated during the second world war. Wandering, she finds ‘The Stones’, touches them and falls into 1743. Adventure, love and lots of history follows.


I imagine it is easier to write about time travel than actually survive if you found yourself back in the past. Perhaps you think you would use your future knowledge, it may give you a useful guide as to what happens next, unless you were not very good at history, but could you recreate modern inventions or modern medicine? Claire has the advantage of medical knowledge, but not the right implements and drugs. Few of us would be able to build a car from scratch,  install electricity in our peasant hut or offer to install hot running water in the laird’s castle. Few of us understand how the structures and infastructures that surround us are made, but if we ended up in the past we wouldn’t know how to make a wattle and daub hut either.


On the other hand we might be delighted to get away from the world as it is and discover the past was better.

If you want to get ahead and read my trilogy before Amazon, Netflix or Sky snap it up to turn into a blockbuster, you can read the first book for only 99 pence or us$1.26




8 thoughts on “Game of Stones

  1. Hey! I never watched game of thrones either! and although i do have the book and did start reading it, the moment i reached the incest, i stopped, no longer interested to know.
    And i have the first six books of Diana – though i never read any. I think, about two or three years ago, i picked outlander, but i wasn’t in the mood for it and put it aside. I know i still have them somewhere…. i’m going to look them up again. thanks for reminding me.

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  2. I haven’t watched it either. 😀 … I did start reading the series, but GRRM was taking so long between books I decided to wait until he’d finished the entire series, I figured ten years was reasonable. That was 1996, and he’s still not done.

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  3. I don’t watch anything. If I started watching stuff, I’d never get anything done. You have to be super-efficient if you spend even a few hours a day watching TV or Netflix or even YouTube videos. Time travel now — thinking about people going back or forward and messing with past or future events gives me a brain cramp. BUT — wouldn’t time-tourism be fun? You can’t participate, but you can see how things actually happened or will happen. Hmm. Maybe seeing the future wouldn’t be an option… except in fiction of course.

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  4. Very wise Audrey, I like to watch an episode of something as a break from the computer or kitchen and then back to real life or unreal life writing. I have seen on line, old photographs that claim to prove visitors from the future – as in somebody standing in a cowboy town talking into their phone, so perhaps time tourism is for real.


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