Rays of Sunshine!

I am one of the bloggers nominated by Cheryl for a Rays of Sunshine Bloggers’ award. thecornucopiaallotment is bursting with creativity as a busy Mum enjoys indoor and outdoor crafts she can share with her children.

The Cornucopia Allotment

Thankyou Nanny Maryanne for your nomination! I have used my daughters afternoon nap to prepare the post to the highest standard as I could not find a sunshine blogger pic anywhere I chose my own! It really was unexpected in response to a blog on February Frosts, however I am grateful you appreciated it!

1-Why did you begin blogging?

I wanted to test out old computer skills and built my website, so I decided to share what I have learnt so, I started a blog to share my knowledge and skills.

2- What do you think is most important in life?

To make the most of everything  you have, to pass on the elements of life which matter! Skills, knowledge, resourcing and planning are key to reducing stress and ensuring a balance which can often make you feel positive and satisfied without costing a fortune. This is why I enjoy…

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