What Colour is Your Blog?

Often we round off writers’ group with a timed exercise, the other week it was the colour yellow and it was surprising how much came to mind. I thought

Hey, I could have a different colour blog each week!

So we start with yellow.

Yellow is the oldest colour, the colour of the Sun, watery in winter, golden at sunset and over the equator. The yellow sun mixes with the blue sky to make nature’s green and among the green leaves are the flowers that mimic the sun. Bees love yellow; they wear it and seek it out. I felt guilty when bees bumped into our sun lounge windows, attracted by the bright yellow of the lamps on the windowsill.


Yellow makes a statement, banish cowardice; let yellow represent spring, summer, fun and happiness.  It is also a designer statement, the stars on the European Union flag, the colour of smart raincoats, Ikea, our local buses, my website, my kitchen. When we ‘rebranded’ our north facing dining room we painted the walls yellow, went minimalist, replaced bookshelves with large plants and called it the garden room.













When you stroll down the road your spirits are lifted when you pass pretty gardens and at this time of year yellow is in abundance. As daffodils fade tulips come out and wallflowers with their delightful scent. Dandelions are unfairly treated as weeds and are apparently good for you medicinally and nutritionally.

You can seee more flowers at my website.






What is your favourite colour, suggest a colour and I’ll write about it next week.



26 thoughts on “What Colour is Your Blog?

  1. I’ve come to realize I love the color yellow, Janet. At one point my sister did not like yellow, I looked up to her so I didn’t like it either. I love yellow! It makes me happy. I also love purple! The real purple, not the pastel kind… that goes for all colors, I think, except on the walls of the interior of my home, neutrals are my pick but colors are a fantastic thing to write about!~Kim

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  2. Great idea for a post, and masterfully done!

    It reminded me of years ago when I told my daughter she could paint her bathroom any color she wanted. Imagine my shock when she wanted the whole bathroom painted floor to ceiling in sunshine yellow! One needed to wear sunglasses in there with the lights on. But it certainly was a cheerful room!

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  3. My favourite colour is red and I was mighty happy when we managed to pick up a Alfa Romeo in red for a good price via the auctions. I’m not usually much of a car person but I feel 200% better driving along in this one.
    Best wishes,

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