Silly Saturday – Starting Summer

Hurrah, Meteorological Summer starts today, you don’t have to wait till the summer solstice. The weathermen like to divide the year up into seasons of exactly three months according to the Gregorian calendar. Don’t forget, if you are living in the Southern Hemisphere summer is not starting for a long time. If you are a school child in the Northern Hemisphere you may already be on school holidays or may have a long time to wait yet.

If you are on top of Mount Everest it is time to come down, the weather window is nearly over and monsoons are coming. If the summit is as crowded as last week you will have to queue up to come down.

NZ Queenstown

If you are Teresa May, May is over and you only have a week left as leader of the conservative party, but perhaps you have a summer walking holiday to look forward to.


Summer means we must all look happy and smile at others… if they look up from their phones long enough to notice. If you are a gardener it is safe to plant out your summer bedding and discover how many weeds have taken over… it also means that the non gardeners in the family will have to cook dinner if they don’t wish to starve – the long summer evenings mean you can stay out in the garden watering and dead heading forever.


What does summer mean to you – putting the chairs out in the garden or going swimming in the sea?

What is your favourite summer song – Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday or Lovin’ Spoonful’s ‘Summer in the city’?





17 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Starting Summer

  1. Summer means meals outside, fresh soft fruit, salads and veg from the garden, a glass of wine on my deck at the end of the day.

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  2. Love this, Janet! 😀 On an actual summer’s day, it has to be Summertime for me. But as I look outside on this second day of summer, it’s grey and drizzly – no Ella today! And with the promise of a full 10 days of rain ahead. Fortunately, our forecast is always changeable so there’s still hope. I still have plenty to do outside so I need the dry weather please, though not too hot if you don’t mind 😉

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  3. ‘Summertime’ by Janis Joplin! 😀 … unfortunately, these days summer means scorching temperatures and wildfires. 😦 … so far we’ve had more than 40 in the last week in our province. This appears to be the new ‘normal’. 😦

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  4. Yay for summer! Sadly the UK weather isn’t quite catching up with the calendar, it’s been very grey & rainy. The part about Ms May made me chuckle ! 😆 I love the warmer weather, sitting in the garden, driving with the windows down (because my A/C doesn’t work!), happy music, ice-cream and salad and the smell of BBQs outdoors, less jumpers to weigh you down, flip flops. xx

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  5. Yes, deadheading season begins! I love the picture of those orange flowers — calendulas, maybe? I would be thrilled at the prospect of 10 days of rain. Summer rain is scarce here, and temperatures seem to be rising. And as Widdershins mentioned, fires are becoming a thing in British Columbia (where both she and I live, although I’m on Vancouver Island).

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    1. Thanks Audrey; the orange flowers are Cape Daisies, Osteospermum ( probaly spelt wrong ) from South Africa ( or the garden centre! ). The flowers only open in sunshine. That plant survived the winter, they all have this year.

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      1. That would have been my other guess, believe it or not. I remember growing some white osteospermums and liking their dark blue middles, different from the usual brown one sees in similar plants.

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