Class Pets

Did you have a class pet? Pete Springer was inspired by my archive blog, shared by Sally Cronin on Monday, to write about his teaching years. There is a picture of the most adorable rat who English readers will recognise as Roland Rat!

Pete Springer

Who could resist that face?

I recently enjoyed reading writer Janet Gogerty’s entertaining post entitled Llamas and Labradoodles on Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord Blog Magazine.

thoughts got me thinking about my own experiences with animals when I was an
elementary teacher in California. Many
years my students had the joy of caring for animals in our classroom. (I taught thirty-one years in grades 2-6.)

I was rummaging around in the garage the other day (anything to distract me from my current project of painting the interior of the house) and came across the twin-level cage that was the home for many of the rats we raised.  It is now rusty and showing wear, but at the time I felt like our rats had it pretty good—as good as rats can have it.

My classroom rat cage.

Not only was
it fun to have a class pet, but the…

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3 thoughts on “Class Pets

  1. At one of my schools, we too had class pets and kids volunteered to look after them at the weekends. I never volunteered because I was so busy at weekends, my mother would inevitably have too look after it and she wasn’t too keen on the menagerie of animals.

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  2. Thanks Sheree. At one stage my friend and I had lots of white mice which lived in the designer garden shed my dad built. My mother certainly did not get involved – but one day when my aunt came to visit I said ‘Would you like to see my mouse?’ and opened my hand. Just like a cartoon she ran away screaming. she hadn’t realised till that moment she was so scared of mice.

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