Silly Saturday -November – Know or No

What are the pros and cons of going on holiday in November – in the Northern Hemisphere? If you plan to trek to the North Pole there are no pros, you had better wait till summer which won’t be much better… but for elsewhere?



There are not too many people around, you don’t have to queue or worry you won’t find a parking spot.

You won’t have to book accommodation well in advance.

You can take advantage of last minute cheap deals.

You won’t have to book on line well in advance for places of interest.

Packing is easy, just your winter clothes.

You can work up a good appetite with the chilly weather.

You can enjoy sitting in front of a log fire.

There are plenty of hours to enjoy the night sky.

You will not get too hot when going walking or climbing.

It is invigorating walking by the sea or on a hill top.

It’s not the school holidays.

The autumn trees are a beautiful colour.

You can start Christmas shopping.



It’s too quiet, there aren’t many people around.

Your hotel is empty and depressing, the staff bored.

That last minute bargain deal is not a bargain, the hotel was cheap because it’s awful.

The places you were glad you didn’t have to queue up for are closed for the winter.

Lots of places are closed for the winter.

The places that aren’t closed, close early, usually just before you get there.

Packing is hard as you have to fit in gloves, scarves, thick socks, hats and lots of everything in case you get soaked in the rain.

You can’t have picnics.

It’s hard to find somewhere open to eat.

It’s even harder to find somewhere open in the evening to eat.

The days are too short.

If you go walking out in the country you will probably slip in the mud or fall into a fast flowing stream.

If you go to the seaside to  photograph winter waves you may be swept away by a freak wave.

Children are at school, you’re surrounded by pensioners on holiday.

The trees are bare and depressing.

The shops have started Christmas too early.





14 thoughts on “Silly Saturday -November – Know or No

  1. It’s not that depressing. It is what you make it. You have to see the beauty where it is. I wish I had the luxury of going places in odd times. My only concern is getting there and returning. One must learn to spend time in this harried world learning to relax and smell the roses. I have made trips to Canada in late fall and winter. Plenty to do and see inside and out if you pick the right locations.

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  2. Great post! I actually prefer vacationing in the off season. In fact, many of your “cons” are “pros” for me. I don’t like being around a lot of other people. And, in the summer, anywhere that is within driving distance of Dallas is hellishly hot from about May to October. So give me some cool weather locations any day!

    I hope you enjoyed your holiday!

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  3. We are a fickle bunch, aren’t we? My wife and I went to Alaska this June. While we were thrilled it wasn’t too cold, it was pretty wild to see the sun up in the sky at 10:30 p.m. The strangest of all was waking in the night and having so much light in the room.

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  4. Coincidentally, we are going on a short (4 days) holiday soon. It’s not that far from home, and your last photo — wild waves and rocks — reminds me of our destination. Because of the early darkness, I’m taking a good supply of books.

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