Silly Saturday – Guide Lines for On Line Shopping

Before Covid 19 you may have had a weekly supermarket shop delivered or ordered the occasional item from Amazon. Perhaps you supported your local shops and never went on line. Now many of us are adding excitement to our isolation by exploring what can be bought on line. You may not want to sell your soul to Amazon, though if you are an author who self publishes on Amazon Kindle you already have. But there is a reason why Amazon is so successful; people look for what they want, find it, buy it in a matter of seconds and it arrives when predicted, or much sooner. If you have nothing better to do, you can track the progress of your present to yourself. Then the magic moment arrives when the door bell rings and there is a real human being come to visit you, the only human you have seen all week and they have left you a parcel on the doorstep. If you are lucky, as they rush back to their white van, they will turn and acknowledge your existence as you open your front door waving frantically and thanking them profusely.

IMG_0947 054
You have bought a bright red microwave and some luxury toiletries to cheer yourself up, you can’t get a delivery slot with any supermarket, so can you actually buy food on Amazon? The only essentials that are readily available at a normal price are Tassimo pods for coffee machines. I did buy a fruit and veg box from a farm with British grown vegetables – contents may not be the same as in the illustration – I hoped we would get the bag of potatoes but NOT the boring iceberg lettuce. When the box came it was EXACTLY like the illustration, the lettuce will still be going when isolation is over…


But be careful you know what you are getting when you order food. Fancy a tin of Ambrosia rice pudding, a bit of comfort eating and it’s only £5.99 ( what! ) for a 400 g tin. It might be handy to read customer reviews – 1 star customer review
…whilst we are facing an international crisis and people are facing tragedy, you are profiteering. You should hang your head in shame
Did they not notice the price when they ordered? To be fair, you can order a dozen tins for £24… and at least it is real food.

Here is what else you might find at your door.
Ambrosia rice pudding can earrings.
A genuine replica Heinz Baked Beans tin to hide your valuables in.
Nice fresh farm eggs that are polished wood in a toy egg box.
Rubber pork chops for a toy shop – a shop that is plastic, not a shop that sells toys…
A basket of fruit – made of marzipan.
A breadmaker instead of a loaf of bread.

What surprises have you had ordering on line?

Take your mind off shopping and pandemics with some short stories.

A second anthology from the author of ‘Dark and Milk,’ including recent prize winning short stories. As you would expect, some tales are light, others very dark and you will not know which are which until it is too late! Visit places you may or may not find on a map, discover the Hambourne Chronicles and meet people who may not be what they seem.

10 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Guide Lines for On Line Shopping

  1. Instead of a carton of eggs, I ended up with a carton of liquid egg whites (no coloring at all). They looked very questionable when poured into a pan for an omelet. I need my yellow, so added turmeric, which turned out very well!!!

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  2. At the insistence of fretful young’uns, we succumbed and bought a home delivered Basics Box for ‘vulnerable’ people from a supermarket chain. 2 weeks later it arrived, with some useful basics (including toilet paper and flour) but also some items clearly being dumped because they weren’t selling e.g. a box of ‘exotic’ tea bags. We paid $80 but we calculated the contents at $40 tops plus the pittance they are paying their packers and drivers. (A week later they resumed online ordering and deliveries to all customers.) Some might be cynical enough to think this was all an over-priced piece of PR fluff from a ‘caring and sharing’ business.

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      1. I’m much the same. I take them off to do something fiddly and don’t remember to put them on again. However, the ones with claws are really good – apart from the wee fiddly jobs. And they’re waterproof but as we haven’t had rain since I got them I can’t swear to that.

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  3. I’ve generally been lucky with my Amazon purchases, though I’m pretty good about reading the reviews first. I hate being scammed more than just about anything.

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