Advent Calendar – Sunday Sixth of December

Sunday Smiles in today’s window and I hope this carol brings a smile. Sally at Smorgasbord featured it last year and though I knew the carol I had not heard this version and I kept playing it again. To enjoy to the full watch on the largest screen possible. My desktop has a television for a screen – no not a huge widescreen, but just about large enough to contain the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Carol of the Bells. And everything about this is big and joyful, it’s got everything. Many of us have missed singing in choirs or listening to them so I hope you enjoy this. Let us know if you have ever seen the Mormon Tabernacle Choir live, I wish I had been there.

Carol of the Bells – Mormon Tabernacle Choir – YouTube

7 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Sunday Sixth of December

  1. Glorious I wish I could see them live…the bells made me remember my parents they both rang the bells albeit the bigger ones but I remember how pleased my mum was when she rang her first half peel…Thank you for sharing 🙂 x

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      1. It isn’t… a peel can take anything from 2 1/2-4 hrs depending on the weight of the bells it is a hard physical and mental challenge as it is continuous and can only be rung by one person…It is only now I realise what an achievement it was for my mum…

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