Advent Calendar – Wednesday Ninth of December

Today finds Elf in contemplative mood so the window opens in King’s College Chapel, Cambridge University; a place inextricably associated with Christmas. For over a hundred years A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols has been broadcast on the radio and more recently on television, from here to millions of people around the world.

King’s College Chapel | King’s College Cambridge

Listen to one of my favourite composers and one of my favourite singers. Fantasia On Christmas Carols by Ralph Vaughan Williams, sung by Roderick Williams.

Short Biography – Ralph Vaughan Williams Society (

Ralph Vaughan Williams was a composer of great importance for English music. He was born on 12 October 1872 in a Cotswold village. At the turn of the century he was among the first to travel into the countryside to collect folk songs and carols from singers, notating them for future generations. He died on 26 August 1958; his ashes are interred in Westminster Abbey, near Purcell. In his long and very productive life music of every genre flowed in profusion.

佛漢威廉斯:聖誕頌幻想曲 Vaughan Williams: Fantasia On Christmas Carols – YouTube

9 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Wednesday Ninth of December

  1. The Boys’ voices were lovely. The acoustics were incredible. I can just imagine what it would be like to actually be there to hear it. That man’s voice made my toes curl it was so beautiful. And I do love the cello! Have you heard the two cellos? It is two young men playing cellos. They did a bit and filmed it where it was a costume piece. It took my breath away. I’ll see if I can find it and let you know where it is. Thanks for introducing me to all of this music.

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    1. Yes, so much to love in this piece. The acoustics must be wonderful if you are there in person. Yes I have seen those cellists – only on YouTube. A cellist is a leading character in my novel Brief Encounters of the Third Kind.

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