Silly Saturday – How to Make New Friends

Lonely in Lockdown? No need to be, the new Minister for Fun, when interviewed today, said there was no need for people to be lonely in Lockdown just because they are not allowed to see real people, they can make new friends. You can make new friends out of anything and on the government website you can see some suggestions – here is a sneak preview.

Gold Foil


Give your new friend a Covid Coiffure
Your old clothes


Still stuck for ideas? There is always Lego.

19 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – How to Make New Friends

    1. I certainly don’t want a robotic animal of any sort. I don’t have a dog, but the tales of my sister and friends with dogs do supply some story ideas. The last time we had a dog you just had a collar and lead, a bed and a food bowl. Now they have dressing up clothes ( not Ollie! ) toothbrushes, educational toys and key stages the same as children!

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