Silly Saturday – Lego in Literature

I’m sure we would all agree that the best YouTube videos are of Lego people and even on the big screen, wouldn’t you rather watch a blockbuster Lego Movie than one with real people in? But many people would be surprised to learn that Legoland is where some of the greatest writers get their inspiration.

My family are all Lego mad; you never grow out of Lego, you just spend more and more money on it, but it was only this year, after many hints that I got some Lego. You do not need to take the popular Bachelor of Arts in Lego Literature and Creative Danish at the University of Legoland to enrich your writing with inspiring plot lines and character development.

One of my lockdown birthday presents from Team H was a firefighter’s set, aged 4 plus. I just about managed to meet the challenge of building it on Facetime. There is a fire engine, a firefighter, a BBQ on fire and a Lego boy with a complex character – you can turn his head to have a scared face or a relieved face. How did the fire start? What happened next? Fearless Frank the Firefighter and Frightened Freddy became a short story. Then Team AK sent me a boat set, age 7 plus, a real challenge. A boat, two scuba divers, a sword fish and a treasure chest.  I built a landing stage and it wasn’t long before the hapless Frightened Freddy was standing precariously on the edge of the water… Frightened Freddy Falls In became the sequel…

I just received my first review – I wonder if Amazon will accept it?

I had also ordered myself a lockdown present of a big yellow box of bricks and bits – ages 0-99 so it should last me a while.

If you have had writers’ block during the pandemic, you need the world’s most famous plastic blocks.

Are you inspired by Lego or has Lego taken over your house?

The LEGO® Movie – Official Main Trailer [HD] – YouTube

25 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Lego in Literature

    1. Now’s your chance to try out Lego Liz. Yes very painful to tread on and more hazardous is young children putting the tiny parts in their mouths. Ironically it is tiny fingers that are best suited to playing with the smallest parts.

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  1. Janet, I love your post and it’s brought back wonderful lego memories! For at least a decade our house was a safety hazard with lego everywhere! My son was obsessed by building all the amazing creations and playing non-stop and then taking the scenarios even further. I fear the loft will cave in under the two massive boxes of lego stored there (waiting for the grandchildren is the excuse!) Perhaps I should bring some down and see if it unleashes the creative energies! As for a degree in lego! Really? Just brilliant! Enjoy your lego building … see where the lego takes you! 😀 xx

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    1. Hello Robbie, I think those sets were better, you just used your imagination. Luckily the sets of my younger two grandsons just end up in a pile on the floor so they are soon using their imagination!


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