Silly Saturday – Courting Controversy

Fed up with bad news and endless media discussions about That interview? You too can start your own lively debates on social media, you don’t have to be famous or important and you certainly don’t have to be clever. Here are some suggestions for Facebook, Instagram or wherever you like to waste your time; one picture or casual remark is guaranteed to get hundreds of comments, mostly negative.

Post a picture of the worst pub you can find in your area and ask what the food is like in there. Comments will flow about the time they had food poisoning while others will respond angrily and rave about the great atmosphere.

Name a popular restaurant in your area which is busy keeping everyone happy with home delivery take-aways and post a picture of the rat you saw scurrying out of their kitchen. This doesn’t have to be true, this is social media after all.

Post a completely innocent picture and relate the story told to you about your neighbour’s sister’s friend whose daughter was out walking her dog and saw someone suspicious talking to dog owners. Well done; you have started wildfire rumours that dognappers are targeting your town.

Tell everyone you are moving to the area and can they recommend a good doctors’ surgery.

We just had a new extension built by W. R. Ecking, we’re not too happy with the result, has anyone else had work done by them?

Post a picture of your dinner and wait for vegans and the ‘Save our Haggis Society’ to start arguing with meat lovers and issue you with death threats.

14 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Courting Controversy

  1. So funny. A great way to start a Saturday morning after cleaning the garage. By the way, I saw a couple walking their dog. I snapped a picture and will post it with a comment about folks leaving their dog poops scattered about. Maybe that’s a bad idea but it does fit your suggestions. 😂

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    1. That is so funny, Steve! Two days ago, a work colleague and I had an extended chat conversation about the revealing of dog poops as the snow melted. I didn’t realize that it’s become a social media “thing.”

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  2. Oh, no, I think you’re thinking, ‘what’s this guy thinking?’ putting pictures of ‘that stuff’ in the story. No, the picture was of the top inside a plastic grocery bag, very clean and innocent. 🙀

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