Silly Saturday – Perplexing Puzzles

Every Saturday in the middle of the Weekend ‘I’ ( Independent ) newspaper you will find lots of the regular daily puzzles, but Sudokarrow only appears on Saturdays. Ordinary sudokus are boring, which is probably why a host of mathematically challenging puzzles have evolved. Each week I look at this puzzle in its pristine condition determined I will finish it correctly – and neatly. I think only once have I succeeded and by the time I’ve got it wrong it looks a complete mess. My young next door neighbour asked me if I read real paper newspapers, but it turned out he wasn’t interested in which newspaper (political views) or how many puzzles I managed to do – he just needs a supply of paper to light his wood burning stove! Do you get a newspaper for the news or the puzzles?

This was the picture round in our Zoom Quiz last week. Just say what you see. eg 17 is ice cube. I got 18 right and I can’t recall the answers to the ones I didn’t get, so I may not be able to help if you can’t get them all!

Quiz Planet is an on line quiz that you can play with friends who haven’t got anything better to do or with complete strangers who don’t have anything better to do either, it is quite addictive. If it’s your turn you get to choose the subject; science, music, body and soul etc, but the downside is that your friend will see what stupid wrong answers you got. If they challenge you they may pick topics you have no chance of answering, such as celebrities or beauty and fashion. I do better than Zoom quiz as the questions are multiple choice and some answers are so stupid you can pick the right one even if you have never heard of the person or place.

Here are some examples for you to try, with the advantage of not having to answer in ten seconds like the real quiz.

Who was the previous president of the USA? 1. Ghengis Khan 2. Vlad The Impaler 3. Donald Trump 4. Abraham Lincoln

Which of these is an insect? 1. horse 2. whale 3. grasshopper 4. cat

Who played Maria in The Sound of Music? 1. Sharon Stone, 2. Julie Andrews 3. Whoopi Goldberg 4. Megan Markle

The capital city of Australia is 1. Canberra 2. San Francisco 3. Oslo 4. Beijing

If you had an appendectomy what would you have removed? 1. finger 2. appendix 3. leg 4. head

And here is one I got wrong earlier, somehow missing the obvious…. Which star is closest to the earth 1. Alpha Centauri 2. Sirius 3. Epsilon Eridani 4. THE SUN

Here are the correct answers, but not necessarily in the right order; appendix, Canberra, THE SUN, Donald Trump, Julie Andrews and grasshopper.

How did you do? Are you tempted to join in?

Quiz Planet

13 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Perplexing Puzzles

  1. I like math puzzles, although I agree Sudoku can get boring quickly. I’ve never seen a Sudokarrow, but it looks like something I’d like. We call those second group of puzzles “plexers.” I’ve never heard a good explanation why. Some of the kids in my elementary classes liked these a lot, so I always tried to have a few available for them.

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  2. 1.Forget it
    2. Black Jack
    3. Somewhere over the rainbow
    4. Back door
    5. Read between the lines
    6. Blood is thicker than water
    7. Be sexy ???
    8. Cancelled check
    9. Once upon a time
    10. Green eggs and ham
    11. Try to understand
    12. Downtown
    13. A bump in the night
    15. One in 1 million
    17. Ice cube
    18. . “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree….” A Christmas carol
    19. Think outside the box
    20. 6 feet underground
    22. Too big to ignore
    23. Half baked

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  3. I never do ‘cryptic’ quizzes, or ones based on numbers. I’m just no good at them. And I haven’t bought a newspaper for over 20 years now. I was quite good at Trivial Pursuit at one time though, and also got all the answers correct when watching the winner of the first series of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’. Including the million-pound question. I try to answer the questions when watching ‘University Challenge’ too. My best score so far was 26 correct, back in 2008. (Or 2009, I forget.).
    (Last week I only got 10 right.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Twenty years without a paper, you must have stopped long before everyone else! We never had a newspaper when the children were young until the oldest got a paper round and brought us one back every morning. When we had just taken out our first mortgage with second baby on the way my brother-in-law came to visit on a Sunday and said ‘Where’s your Sunday paper?’ I replied we couldn’t afford newspapers. Cyberspouse used to bring back newspapers left in the canteen at work! Well done with University Challenge.


  4. I love these kinds of puzzles. Like Pete, I’ve never heard of Sudokarrow, but it looks interesting

    14. First Aid
    16. Apple Pie
    24 Neon lights

    I don’t know 21 either, and I’m not sure about 7…

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  5. 1 – forget it … 2 – blackjack … 3 – somewhere over the rainbow … 4 – backdoor … 5 – read between the lines … 6 – blood in the water (maybe) … 7 – beeline … 8 – cancelled cheque … 9 – once upon a time … 10 – green eggs and ham … 11 – try to understand … 12 – downtown … 13 – things that go bump in the night … 14 – first aid … 15 – one in a million … 16 – apple pie … 17 – ice cube … 18 – the song ‘rocking around the christmas tree’ …19 – think outside the box … 20 – six feet under ground … 21 – no-one knows (maybe) … 22 – to big to ignore … 23 – Half-baked … 24 – no idea
    Thanks, Jim, for #24!
    That was fun! 😀

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