Week Three

It turns out to be true. Week Three of chemotherapy you feel back to normal. Perhaps even halfway through Week Two; watering the garden and a little light dead heading turned into a pile of branches in the middle of the lawn grass as I attacked the buddleia ( common or garden variety, well known for colonising railway banks and derelict buildings ) that was taking over the garden.

Even going over to the letter box seemed an adventure, then a walk round the block to confirm I was back in the land of the living…walk to a friend’s house and by Wednesday it was time for a proper walk across the River Stour to meet some writer friends for coffee then back by ferry… 6Km circular walk according to my phone. The weather has been hot and sunny so come along

We missed the Tuesday bargain…


26 thoughts on “Week Three

    1. PS I have just finished reading Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni. It’s been on my Kindle for a good while, but I had to read it now. So real, I feel like I was there and what better to give real identities to the women and men of Afghanistan, but of course devastating in the light of current events.

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      1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed Drunk Chickens. A few – a very few – of the people you have just read about have managed to get out of Afghanistan but many are still desperate to leave. Taliban hate the Hazara people and there is a very real chance of genocide.


  1. Good Heavens, that walk left me breathless, how on Earth did you manage that? Before I ask you to put me out of my misery, please tell me what the stainless steel object with the vents on top is.
    Keep well,
    Massive Hugs

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    1. Thanks Jim, yes, as good as a holiday. That is / was one of my regular walks to our weekly writing group – that is a blog in it’s own right – our tutor has just had her ninetieth birthday and is starting a new term next week.!

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