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Yesterday morning I had session Three of chemotherapy and the cannula went straight in, all positives, so I wanted to do a quick blog. The only hiccup was something going on in the hospital pharmacy and they neglected to tell any of the staff on the ward that there would be delays so they could phone us all to come in later. We all had to wait for our drugs. But the four of us were so busy chatting from our socially distanced chairs that time flew. Three ladies with more problems than me and all different cancers ( though I did have the trump card of being widowed ) and great senses of humour. We talked about everything including the after life. I am part of a real club! And I should add that we all agreed the medical staff are great.

How did you all manage without Facebook etc yesterday! Of course I thought it was technical problems Chez Tidalscribe till I tuned in to that much older medium the radio and The News!

It is a good while since I was working on a novel, with all that’s been happening, though I have never stopped writing short stories. I keep wondering how on earth I managed to write forgetting that I have written five novels. I think Three Ages of Man remains my personal favourite, it is the second of the trilogy, but can also be read as a stand alone novel. It is about ordinary folk, but they do tend to have extraordinary experiences and you may find out how we are going to manage the planet and our health in two centuries’ time…

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  1. I noticed WhatsApp was down but the outage didn’t really affect me. It seems bizarre that Facebook staff couldn’t access their own offices because their security passes wouldn’t work. Embarrassing or worrying? Hope your treatment continues on track! I’ve replied to your comment on my post on drummers.

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  2. Hi Janet, what kind of cancer do you have? Sorry to hear that. I survived stage IV cancer 12 years ago. I can look for your posts to find out more.

    I happened to get on Facebook to look up some photos and videos of my sister who passed away in 2019. I thought FB got hacked and threatened to pay the ransom! I told hubby about it. Hours later he saw the news. Good thing I found some photos in my archives.

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    1. Hello Miriam. I had a mastectomy on one side; thinking naively that would be it when the surgeon said the cancer was all gone. But because I also had all the lymph nodes removed and quite a few also had cancer I have to have chemo and then radiotherapy as a precaution. Fortunately the CT scan was all clear so it hadn’t had a chance to spread. You are certainly a great survivor, well done.

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      1. My sister-in-law had a mastectomy on one side also. Removal of the lymph nodes will cause swelling on your arms as a long term effect. I still have to wear compression stocking after 12 years. I’d be sorry at night if I get lazy to put the stocking on.
        A friend also had mastectomy. She put her arms up every time she gets a chance. It would be hard when we’re on the computer all day!
        Take care and take it one day at a time, Janet!

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      1. It’s great to hear that, Janet. I went through the Lymphedema therapy and stretching is the best exercise to get the fluid circulation going. I try to do swimming a couple of times a week. The compression of the water helps also.

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  3. I’m sorry to spoil things but I hope in two centuries there won’t be any clubs like yours to belong to .I hope by then that our brilliant researchers have found the cure for cancer or at least identified the threat via DNA so that it can be modified.. We’re told that one in every two people will get it. I’m a survivor, my wife was not, but the odds of survival are high, much higher than they used to be, yet that’s still half the population are suffering.
    Keep winning Janet
    Hugs Galore

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  4. I wondered what all the fuss was about Facebook. Like others, I didn’t even know there was a problem until I heard others talking about it. I’m glad that you have made friendships with others going through the same thing as you, Janet. It’s great that you all think so highly of the staff.

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  5. I’m not on Facebook, so when my wife was complaining bitterly about our wi-fi being useless, I reset the modem three times, with no success. Then she insisted I reset the mobile signal booster, in case it was her phone signal. When nothing worked, I had to sit listening to her complain about how hopeless out Internet was, despite me telling her I had full (fast fibre broadband) access on my PC, and no issues with my mobile phone.
    The atmosphere became very heated for a while, and then she had a text from a friend who told her Facebook and Instagram was down. She was so relieved to know it wasn’t ‘us’ she didn’t even apologise to me for all the fuss!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. Ha ha a scene repeated up and down the country! At Chez Tidalscribe we were all working on our computers and daughter-in-law wondering why she couldn’t message my son in the next room and he had to come downstairs and ask me something instead of messaging!

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  7. I was late to that party as well…Happy your chemo went without a hitch, Janet it sounds like a nice group of ladies which helps I’m sure…Lauren has her first one on the 12th and she has to have the same tummy injections as you but plus a Hickman line…Cancer sucks…Hugs x

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  8. I’m glad to hear you have a support group and great medical staff. I heard about Facebook, Instagram and Whats App outage but I don’t use them 🙂 Take care, Janet.


  9. I am glad you have people to share your experiences with, Janet. I am sure that helps a lot. I also thought my inability to get on to FB the other day was my connection. I was surprised to hear it was a world wide issue. Have a good weekend, Janet.

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