Reviews and Resolutions – NOT

I can’t abide reviews of the year, any year and especially not the Terrible Twenties! Sport, politics, war, disaster or disease, I don’t want to see or hear reviews; it started days before the chimes and fireworks …

Revitalizing, reviving and rambling is what we need. You can ramble around having exercise or you can ramble on when you are blogging…

A BOXING DAY RAMBLE – FOR ONE DAY THE WEATHER WAS PERFECT and I was going to write a blog about it... but

I haven’t completely left 2021 behind; Christmas was delayed for three days Chez Tidalscribe, so I am a bit late arriving in 2022 and I have only just started reading the book for tomorrow’s Zoom book club.

Two days later… well it turned out only one person in the group had read the book and the lady who runs the group had not even opened it. Everyone cited Christmas as the reason.

Four more Christmas cards just arrived, one of which I will definitely have to answer with a review resume an update on 2021. Just when you think the Christmas card nightmare is over… remember those days in the December twenties when you realise you have not sent out cards early to tell old friends and relatives you have moved, got cancer, been widowed, made redundant… or you realise you did not reply to those old friends and relatives who wrote last January to apologise for not sending a Christmas card because they had been widowed, busy moving house, got a cancer diagnosis, lost their dog …

Covid has given us a whole new string of excuses for not sending cards, or more importantly getting out of actually seeing anybody next year…

We must get together when things settle down.

Would love to take you up on your invitation to come up and stay, but I’m working 24/7 at the hospital.

Just tested positive so New Year’s party is cancelled.

I’ll send you the link for the Zoom funeral, such a shame you can’t come, Dad would have loved a good turn out…

26 thoughts on “Reviews and Resolutions – NOT

    1. Hello Becky, yes this was the view we first saw when we went to view our house 17 years ago – it wasn’t near the cliff top, but a short walk away. We phoned the estate agent from here. The view depends on the weather!

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  1. I dropped my sending of Christmas cards down from 100+ to just 20. Nothing to do with Covid, just about the scandalous price of stamps!
    I hope the other 80 people don’t just assume I am dead. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. They probably do, ha ha. I have a rolling on line Christmas card with my family in Australia; since the oldest generation moved on to the post free ether, everybody is digitalised. Come to think of it I am the oldest person in my family !

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  2. you’ve had a lot going on the past couple of years, and COVID certainly didn’t make it any easier. I wonder how many book club members actually read the whole book…


  3. Hi Janet. I only just saw this post on Twitter, not getting notifications to your blog. I’ll hit follow again. And I’m sorry to hear about your Christmas kerfuffle. Most of my friends had similar experiences with last minute cancellations. A sad new way of life now, either we brave the elements or live like hermits til the next mutations start again and it’s Groundhog Day again. If all governments would have treated this as they did polio, we wouldn’t be living this dystopia. Happy New Year. ❤


  4. Janet, a beautiful view from the cliff-top and I know, a beautiful day for Boxing Day – for once! I’m with you and Pete on Christmas cards, stamps are extortionate and only send a few nowadays. Many seem to have done the same although the odd generic year-long missive will arrive through the letterbox! Take care and wishing for a better 2022!

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