Midnight Madness

When you have visitors to stay and then your computer dies just before you go away you wonder how easy it is to blog with your iPad instead of your lovely big tv screen and copying and pasting from WordPress and you did not announce to the blogosphere that you were taking a blogging break and you worry that your four followers will be worried so you post a few pix so they know you are still alive or perhaps will think you have disappeared into the metaverse…. so you do not write anything and just post some more photos….

Modern Banking
Modern Baking

The other kind of flour…
Thursday door?
The wonder of Wetherspoons
Tiles you cannot tread

13 thoughts on “Midnight Madness

  1. Fun! Thank you for the beauty.

    I’m reading Brief Encounters of the Third Kind right now. Not quite halfway through. Wow what a novel! My mother, stepfather, sister, and I saw an amazing UFO in 1967.

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  2. I think we’re sharing the same gremlins, Janet. I’ve had exactly the same problem and was on the point of Googling ‘How to use my very old iPad.’ I just assumed you were adding variety by posting pics so I’ll stick around anyway. 😀

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