May Madness

Happy May Day… have fun.

Enjoy some peaceful nature because for some of us May is going to be mad, or hopefully madly fun.

What country might you be in if May was going to include three bank holidays, hosting the Eurovision song contest and having a coronation?

Will you dress up for May Madness or make the most of three long weekends to spend time in the garden?

Or perhaps enjoy a day in the country

…or a day at the seaside.

Spring Bank Holidays bring on an urge to do some DIY, but don’t get too carried away.

How do you hope to spend the merry month of May?

24 thoughts on “May Madness

      1. Ha, ha I hadn’t thought of that… my daughter-in-law loves VWs, that’s another story, but amongst the major work they have had to do to their ‘new’ house they have not done that!

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  1. I adore the gnomes, love all the pictures! Sadly, here in the U.S. May is just another month. There’s Mother’s Day and there’s Cinco de Mayo, but no major celebrations, no bank holidays, just same ol’, same ol’. Fun pictures!!!

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  2. I can’t believe we have 3 Bank Holidays in one month – it is bound to be wet! I will watch some of the coronating because apparently I watched some of the last one along with most of the street in our front room as my Dad had bought a TV – I was too small to remember much apart from the room being full and a lot of tea being drunk! Other than that I will stay home – I can enjoy the area when the tourists are not here!

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    1. I was a new baby. Mum and dad were at least four years off getting a TV, but apparently left me with a neighbour so they could go out into the street. Of course my grandchildren will see more than one coronation.

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  3. I won’t be watching the Coronation, I cannot stand the Royal Family and their aristocratic hangers-on. (No doubt my wife will watch it though)
    And as it is a Bank Holiday Monday in England, it will likely rain. So just a normal Monday for me, another day of the week.
    I like the Model Village photos, Janet. I haven’t been to see a Model Village in years.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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