Coronation Eve

Most of us have never witnessed a coronation before and anticipation varies from excited crowds camping out for days to catch a glimpse, to those who are ignoring the whole thing. Whatever your views it is guaranteed to be a colourful spectacular, with lots of lovely horses, beautiful music and human interest. Not guaranteed is the weather. It rained for the Queen’s coronation, you wait 70 years for another coronation and it will probably rain again! We have never gone to events involving crowds and camping on pavements; I admire people who do, but like many will take the easy way and watch on television.

On my walk home this morning I endeavoured to catch some coronation atmosphere…

A reminder that we have had three royal events in less than a year.

If you want to be sociable and take in some ambience without going to London many councils are putting up big screens and you can bring a picnic. I think I may favour my sofa to damp grass…

Some shops and houses are flying the flag, boasting some bunting…

One of these may or may not be my house…

Whatever your views on royalty, King Charles III has a lifetime of knowledge and more intelligence than most / all of our political leaders! Whatever your religious views, he acknowledges a higher power; unlike politicians who often think they are God. He was telling us to look after the planet long before other leaders recognised there was a serious problem and his interests cover everything from farming to music and of course people…

Mr. Tickle will be honoured to take the salute tomorrow and will be greeting important international guests such as Ernie and Bert.

Will you be watching the coronation tomorrow?

44 thoughts on “Coronation Eve

  1. Can’t share your views re Charles, I’m afraid. I reckon if he really cared about stuff like the environment he’d give over some of his huge wealth [including 6 million pound car collection] towards it. Also make recompense for slavery and land ownership overseas.

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      1. I was up in time to actually watch the coronation. Those mighty heavy crowns! I watched it right up until after the balcony. I shed a few tears and many smiles I’m glad I have it taped. It is a piece of history now.

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  2. I share your views on Charles. His mother instilled in him her sense of duty which was massive.I suspect the will be moves afoot to bring an end to the Monarchy now and subject us to Republicanism, perhaps make us the 51st State of America which of course is in a Huge State .I say give The King a fighting chance and The World may just end up a better place for it. I make no apology for being a Royalist.

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  3. I keep thinking it already happened. I like to keep the television or a radio on at all times (I am typing in front of a baseball game right now) so I expect I will have to see some of the Coronation or the highlights.

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  4. I never watch anything, but no doubt I will hear some highlights on radio. Moreover, coverage by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. begins at 2:30 a.m. local time, which is prime sleeping time.
    I hope you enjoy the spectacle.

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  5. Your house looks suitably festive. (The interior shot gave it away.)
    I have no interest in the royals, and public money being spent (£250 million, including security costs) at a time of such hardship for ordinary people just seems like a slap in the face to me. He could have made such an important point by scaling the whole thing down, and paying for it himself. But of course chose not to do that. (My wife will be watching it though)
    I did watch the 1953 coronation. My parents bought a TV for the occasion, and my mum held me on her lap to watch it. But as I was only 14 months old at the time, my memory of it is hazy. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. I have it playing in the background on iPlayer because I watched the last one but, like Pete, I was too young to have a memory of it and they don’t come along very often! I did watch a programme on the firm which makes the tunics for all the service people on parade. Do I want to swap royalty and gold coaches for a president and motorcade? On balance probably not!

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    1. Hello Mick, plenty of people will share your opinion and this arises every time there is a big royal event; then come the day there are the enthusiastic crowds out in full force yet again! A lot of people inside and outside the abbey had a wonderful time; now to see what the king’s reign will actually be like.

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      1. I’m sure lots of them will. I hope they’re happy that their taxes are going to pay for the luxury that the royal family and the seemingly endless cohorts of hangers-on are kept in. Nothing personal against the king, since I (largely) agree with his views on the environment and his championing of the Prince’s Trust previously, but for an unelected, rich, and privileged family to hold even a titular role as the head of the country in the twenty first century is, frankly, insulting, especially with so many relying on foodbanks to survive.

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  7. I watched the coronation and loved the pomp and pageantry I even watched the full dress rehearsal by the armed forces ..such precision and planning goes into that…A piece of history and do I really want to see a president and a motorcade ..No! One of my favourite parts was when William paid his homage to his father and pledged his support it was a lovely moment…our monarchy is envied by many around the world and its times like this when I can see why…we would be poorer as a nation without our royal family …

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