Eurovision Eve

May Madness continues… after the excitement of the coronation I realised I did not need to take down my bunting, but just add to it and celebrate Eurovision 2023. Some ribbon from HaberDasherDo and a few safety pins..

...then I discovered Amazon would deliver a flag by 10pm… which turned out to be a bit bigger than I expected.

Teddy has been carrying the Ukrainian flag since Ukraine was invaded last year.

The Eurovision Song Contest was started in 1956 and I doubt those who participated in those early black and white days would recognise the colourful stage productions and strange outfits in the twenty first century. There are many more countries participating now, some newly created borders and a few countries not in Europe… Some countries have always loved it, while in the United Kingdom many of us may have been indifferent or embarrassed by our song entries. Sweden famously produced Abba whose songs have been a background to so many lives and when Ireland hosted the contest in 1994 the interval entertainment of Riverdance took on a life of its own and millions have been thrilled by the many live Riverdance shows.

Last year everything changed when the UK actually had a song people were talking about and seemed to have a chance of getting good scores, Sam Ryder with ‘Space Man’. More importantly Ukraine was was going to enter and despite the awful suffering of their country send a positive message to the world. Their Kalush Orchestra won with ‘Stefania’ and the UK came second. Ukraine should have been the host this year, but sadly that would be impossible so as second place holders the UK was chosen and are jointly hosting with Ukraine in Liverpool.

It is the first time for 25 years we have hosted the contest and for those who have always loved Eurovision and Liverpudlians, there is great excitement … and it’s catching. Whatever you think of the various songs a lot of people are having fun, both locals and Ukrainians in exile here. On the news you can have a break from what is going on in the rest of the world and see happy people gathering in Liverpool. There have been two semi finals and tomorrow is the Big Night...

Will you be watching tomorrow night?

25 thoughts on “Eurovision Eve

      1. So have I, Janet, and all of the Young Montalbano ones too. They are all still on iPlayer if you need a fix. The one they’re showing tomorrow is the last one they ever made, but a repeat of a class act is far more to my liking than the horror show. Sorry, but I’d never go near it on my blog!

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      2. Montalbano was always a good dose of sunshine and humour, I have the first book on my Kindle. Not sure if I’ll cope with over four hours of Eurovision tonight. My daughter’s got a ticket for this afternoon’s rehearsal.

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      3. They were superbly done. I have almost all of the books on mine – I picked them up over the years when they were on offer at 99p!

        I hope your daughter enjoys the rehearsal – not my idea of fun, though 🀣

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  1. Here in the USA we are slightly less aware of Eurovision contest β€” although last year’s morale-buttressing win by Ukraine did make the news. I hope I can find some excerpts/highlights from this year on YouTube, perhaps…

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  2. I remember having to watch it with my parents, Katie Boyle and her ‘Cinq points’.
    I consider myself lucky to have ‘done the double’ this month, by not watching the Coronation, and completely avoiding the Eurovision nonsense too. (Israel? Australia? The clue is in the name. ‘EURO’vision.Last time I checked, those countries were not in Europe.)
    So, I am happy to officially be an old grump!
    Sorry, Janet. Enjoy your night.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Ha ha, well done Pete, I don’t know many people who are watching, but my daughter who loves Eurovision was ‘lucky’ enough to get a ticket for the rehearsal this afternoon and said it was awesome.

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