Someone Somewhere

Someone is somewhere, but are they where they should be? If everyone knew where everybody was there would be little for authors to write about. My new collection of stories ‘Someone Somewhere’ features the first appearance of an unusual young private detective who specialises in missing persons. He is still patiently waiting for me to finish writing his novel, but in the meantime he features in several stories.

Incredible numbers of people go missing every year and for some poor families this means their loved one has literally disappeared off the face of the earth. Other people are just out of contact with former friends and family, who, used to not hearing from them have never reported them missing. Ironically, with the internet and Facebook we may know exactly the whereabouts and activities of a Facebook friend we don’t even know in real life, but have no idea where half our family are.

Sadly some missing people are inevitably dead, perhaps their fate will never be revealed. Even in a world of closed circuit television and electronic trails it is still possible to intentionally disappear or be taken against one’s will.

Then there are the mysterious possibilities that can never be proved one way or another; people who claim to have been kidnapped by aliens are not usually believed, unless you subscribe to conspiracy theories of government cover ups. Either way, ordinary people and authors are never likely to find the truth. The same applies to people who have fallen through a time slip. Perhaps the most surreal scenario is that none of us are real, just characters in someone’s novel; we could be deleted at any moment….

If you dare to read Someone Somewhere you will find the boundaries hazy between lost and found, living and dead, human or personhood.

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