Everyday Plastic billboard captures one person’s plastic waste collected in a year

My environmental hero of the month is artist Daniel Webb, his art is rubbish – literally. Read about his amazing project.

Life & Soul Magazine

All the plastic used by artist Daniel Webb in an entire year has been documented in a huge photograph now on display at one of Britain’s oldest surviving amusement parks, Dreamland Margate.

The billboard, which was unveiled to the public yesterday as the amusement park re-opened for the season, aims to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the UK “in an accessible, honest and direct manner”, and encourage action to prevent it.

The collection of a year’s-worth of plastic was found to consist of around 4,500 pieces of plastic, of which 93% is single-use throwaway packaging, only four per cent of it being recycled in the UK.

The photograph, Everyday Plastic, features recognisable brands and familiar items in a host of colours, shapes and sizes.

Having laid out all of the plastic to the exact size of the billboard, the piece was photographed by Ollie Harrop using a 5m high by 6m wide rig…

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