One man and his dog vowing to clean up Britain’s coastline and raise awareness of litter pollution

My environmental hero of the week. I’ve always wanted to walk all round the coast, slowly… how is the question, with a back up team and camper van or roughing it? Picking up litter on the way had not occured to me and I hadn’t realised how long it could take! Well done to Wayne and Koda.

Life & Soul Magazine

One man and his dog are on a 7000-mile walking mission along the coast of Britain to raise awareness of the country’s waste problem both on land and sea.

Wayne Dixon, and his Northern Inuit dog, Koda have so far travelled over 3,000 miles along the coast of the UK picking up litter and raising awareness about the country’s litter problem.

The former soldier and support worker started the walk in February 2016, raising money for mental health charity MIND and the Northern Inuit Dog Rescue Society along the way. He plans to complete the 7,000 mile trek by 2021.

Wayne Dixon, who is originally from Blackburn, says: “I am creating awareness of the litter problem on land and sea, encouraging people to be mindful of their environmental and social issues affecting local communities.”

Armed with a tent and a backpack full of supplies, Wayne Dixon and his dog live on…

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2 thoughts on “One man and his dog vowing to clean up Britain’s coastline and raise awareness of litter pollution

  1. All it takes is one person to set an example. it’s so easy to get caught up in every day life and forget that we’re trashy people. Let’s face it, many of us have the mindset that the other guy is going to pick it up. I often wonder how people created that thought?

    Excellent video. Thanks!!!

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