Silly Saturday – Storms and Seas

If you live near the sea you need to prepare for storms.


But we don’t live that near the sea as we couldn’t afford a view.


Was sunset from the bedroom window heralding Storm Callum? We used to just have wind and rain till someone in charge of the weather decided we would take bad weather more seriously ( and join the big boys, the hurricanes ) if we had storms with names.


Morning brought rain and wind to the back door…


But we had to walk to the cliff top to check if Storm Callum had really arrived.


If it’s so windy you can’t breathe ( or walk straight ) it means you are having fun…


…and it was a good idea to take the scenic route to the shops.


Our best storm occurred on Valentine’s night 2014. Weather reports warned everybody to stay away from the coast, so we rushed to the cliff top at high tide the next morning.


Beach huts smashed to matchsticks, but no casualties locally except in my novel; this is where I got the idea for the opening to ‘At The Seaside Nobody Hears You Scream’ – my WIP novel which I have’t quite finished yet…




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