MicroActivist Connor Berryhill inspiring kids to help protect the oceans

My final environmental hero for this year – looks like he is headed for a good 2019.

Life & Soul Magazine

Eleven-year-old Connor Berryhill is on a mission to connect youth with the world’s oceans, creating “the next generation of ocean warriors”.

The young native of San Diego, California was only 5-years-old when an underwater encounter with an endangered monk seal in Kauai set him on a path to take care of the world’s most vulnerable creatures.

Now 11, Connor Berryhill has taken his small-scale activism big and started his own nonprofit, MicroActivist.

One of the ways in which MicroActivist inspire kids to become ocean warriors is through beach clean ups.

MicroActivist say: “Our [MicroActivist’s] beach cleanups remove trash from the beach…but they also make kids fall in love with the ocean and become ocean warriors forever!

“We strive to make each cleanup a unique and fun experience where we not only clean the entire beach (as only a group of energetic kids can) but we create an ocean experience the kids will…

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