Brexit – Neither Divorce Nor Car Deal

I was pondering writing about Brexit, but could not think how. Frank has explained better than I can what it feels like to be a Remainer and what it means for the whole country.

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In the debate over Brexit many people have tried to come up with suitable analogies. Among the oldest is the idea of the divorce – the withdrawal bill and the £39 billion payment of outstanding budget commitments is even referred to as the “divorce settlement”. More recently some have sought to liken the search for a “deal” to the kind of arrangement you might come to with your local car dealership. Over the weekend I began thinking about both.

Let’s begin by looking at the stages in a marriage at which a divorce may be contemplated. You’ve been together for less than 5 years, both of you are a good deal more mature than when you married. There are no children, neither of you gets on with the in-laws, you have few mutual friends. You live in an apartment block where you hardly ever encounter your neighbours. You come to…

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One thought on “Brexit – Neither Divorce Nor Car Deal

  1. I think if one has to dig into they why’s and wherefores at this late stage, it might be worthwhile going back to the initial question of why the vote succeeded, or failed depending on your point of view, in the first place.

    If there is a culture of ‘I don’t believe my vote counts so why should I vote at all’, then this is what you get.

    So, why does the ‘my vote doesn’t count’ culture exist in the first place? … my view is that all the standard political BS has become so convoluted and corrupt,and seen to be corrupt, that it has divorced itself from the average woman on the street’s desire and ability to effect any meaningful change to the things that matter in her life on a daily basis.

    ‘Big Business’ and ‘Big Government’ have no room for the ‘little people’ so why should the little people give a tinkers cuss about them … and so, the Brits have Brexit, and the Americans have the orange cheeto.

    None of that, of course, alters the fact that Brexit is a giant mess that I hope the English people can survive. (big government and big business will always survive, unfortunately, them and the cockroaches)

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