Silly Saturday – Instant Instagram

Should you be on Instagram? Of course, you should be on everything, just in case you miss something.

What is Instagram for? I have absolutely no idea, but it is quite fun.

‘Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and launched in October 2010.’

Any the wiser?

Don’t worry, as long as you have a mobile phone that takes pictures you can join. Post your picture and put some hashtags.  Why, I’m not sure, but if you put #brightonpier  you are linked with all the other people who have taken better pictures of Brighton Pier. Some people put a few hashtags, others a whole list of them, which is a teeny bit showing off.


But the most important thing, Rule One, is to take pictures instantly and send them off instantly. As soon as you arrive on holiday or you are in the middle of a big street demonstration, take a photo with your phone so that your followers will be envious, or impressed that you are protesting instead of sitting at home on the sofa looking at your phone. Don’t try to cheat by sending a picture of last year’s holiday; especially if it is a picture of you standing in front of Notre Dame. Someone is sure to find out…

Hey I’m in Venice at the moment and it’s raining not sunny.

Or That’s the Brexit march, not Extinction Rebellion.

Rule two, post pictures every day, or better still, every hour in case your followers wonder what has happened to you. If you are not going anywhere, or your life is unbelievably dull you can always pop in the garden, or someone else’s garden and take pictures of flowers. People like bright happy flowers to cheer their day. If you have a cat or puppy, even better, followers will never tire of endless pictures of your pet’s cuteness.


How do you get followers? Wait or follow other people and hope they follow you. Occasionally you may get a message

ilovemyself is now following you, why not follow them back.

Look at their gallery, if they only take pictures of themselves you may not want to follow them…

Hopefully you will soon see a little red heart flashing to tell you someone liked your picture. You can also share your pictures on Facebook and Twitter, though when you go on Facebook and see your picture on the big computer screen it may not look as good as it did on your little phone screen…

Happy Snapping

If you like looking at photos there are always plenty on my website.

Do you like taking photographs?

Do you prefer phones or cameras?

Do you enjoy posting pictures on social media?


11 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Instant Instagram

  1. Great commentary. I love IG because it’s much less stressful to look at than the other stuff (yeah, I’m on that, too, but having second thoughts.). The IG ‘community’ is a happier, kinder group of peeps (did I say ‘peeps’, it’s only cuz I’m too lazy to write whole words). Your photos deserve ❤️, so I’ll give you plenty when I follow you, if I can find you. It’s not necessary to follow me, but in keeping with ‘kinder’, I bet you will…find me on IG AT ‘srbottch’. Have a great day!

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  2. I am pleased to know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, as this means I can sleep easy in my bed knowing that (should I join the platform), that my privacy will be respected and protected … On a serious point, as a poet I have set up an Instagram, however I don’t currently own a smart phone so can’t use the platform! Should anyone wish to buy me a smart phone (or just donate) please send all donations to: A Hard Up Poet, PO BOX 666, Somewhere and Nowhere, the Poetical Universe …

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  3. Thanks Ken, I can proudly say I have never bought a new phone in my life – haven’t stolen any either. They are usually passed down through the family or by Cyberspouse who bought it off Pete at work etc. this is the first smart phone I have possessed and if it actually rings I get a fright as I only use it for taking pictures and Facebook messaging.

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  4. This is a great summary of Instagram 🙂 I really wonder about the immediacy of it sometimes and the shallowness of some people – but hey each to their own I guess!! I think I’m following you there????

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