Pop-up bar at Tokyo waste facility aims to get residents to rethink their trash

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A pop-up bar has opened up at a waste facility in Tokyo, where bar-goers can watch trash being incinerated while they drink, in an effort to get them to think about the waste they produce.

The bar, called the Gomi (Trash) Pit, was built thanks to local officials at the Musashino Clean Centre facility, western Tokyo.

Musashino is going to great lengths to ensure that its residents take care of the environment. While it’s common practice in Japan for people to sort their waste into different categories, Musashino also charges for the garbage bags the authorities collect.

These measures aim to encourage people to minimise waste, but local officials hope exposing people to the sight of the accumulated trash will have an even bigger effect.

At Gomi Pit, several dozen people sit at tables eating nibbles and sipping cocktails. The bar features glass windows that look down directly into the…

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6 thoughts on “Pop-up bar at Tokyo waste facility aims to get residents to rethink their trash

    1. We went to a cafe at a farm where you looked through the window into the milking parlour – but it was mainly views of cows’ bottoms, so that was a bit off putting!


  1. An interesting concept with hopeful possibilities … but the cynical part of me wonders how long it will take before it becomes ‘trendy’ to be ‘seen’ here, and no-one sees the trash anymore.

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