Silly Saturday – Summer Solstice Sunday


Don’t worry if you think you missed the Summer Solstice, it has been moved to Sunday. Every year there is confusion as to the date it will occur, 20th, 21st or 22nd of June; so from now on the Summer Solstice will take place on the Sunday nearest those dates, which this year is the 23rd. This will also make it easier for people who wish to greet the dawn at special places and don’t want to bother having to go to work afterwards.

The solstice also marks the first day of astronomical summer, so if the meteorological summer has been a  disappointment so far there is a new summer to look forward to.


And there is still time to order your ‘Make your own Stonehenge kit.’ Parents of young children are advised it may contain small parts that are a choking hazard.




3 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Summer Solstice Sunday

  1. Thank you! I always set my alarm to wake me up at the summer solstice, but I always manage to screw it up and sleep through the whole thing. I never can remember if that little light on the alarm clock is for SS (summer solstice) or WS (winter solstice). The printing beside it is just too small to read without my glasses. So your post was most informative and definitely helps.

    And I had a good laugh at a Stonehenge model that contained pieces small enough to choke on. What delicious irony for a Saturday morning! I shall sprinkle it into my oatmeal this morning.

    Have a great weekend!

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  2. Thanks Biff. I did accidentally wake up just before sunrise on 21st and a foray into the back garden revealed that nothing actually happens, only a few birds singing.


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