Silly Saturday – Sensible Statistics


Lots of bloggers like to share the good news when they achieve a certain number of followers; ten, twenty, two thousand… I forgot to celebrate 500, now I have 609 or should I wait for 666?

This means I have over six hundred good friends all over the world – no hang on, that’s Facebook, I only have 163 best friends on there… but 593 followers on my Facebook Author Page.

Of course all these statistics are very meaningful. The lives of all these followers are enhanced by the thought that when they wake up or browse on line before bedtime, they can read my Tidalscribe blog or my words of wisdom on Facebook. I’m sure every single follower checks in every single day to follow my words and pictures, they don’t always comment, but that’s because they have five hundred other blogs to read.


More exciting is to look at the map and see where followers live and just as important, learn a little geography. Did you know that if you turned Canada sideways it might be as large as Russia, speaking of which, no one ever explained why Europe and Asia are separate continents when it is obvious they are one. You can hardly see where I live… but never mind, I am most excited when I discover that realtors and dental surgeries in the USA LIKE my blog or another US blogger, who writes reviews of garden lawnmowers, is now following me. Alas I am not in a position to buy any real estate or import a lawn mower; my environmentally friendly hand pushed mower is enough for my little garden.

I also have some followers who are real human beings, at least I think so; they certainly do a very good job of writing intelligent comments on my blogs and responding to my excellent comments on their blogs…

Have you had any amazing statistics for your blog?




23 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Sensible Statistics

  1. Blogging is interesting, Janet. You get real followers, people who just want you to follow them back and the others. I concentrate my efforts on real followers and try to visit everyone at least once a week. I only follow people back once they have commented on my posts twice. Then I know they are at least interested enough to re-visit.

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  2. I’m one of your American followers, Janet, but I don’t sell real estate, write reviews of garden lawnmowers, or perform dental surgeries. Being retired does allow me to interact with friendly folks like you, and hopefully help bring a little more sanity back to my violent country which had another horrific shooting today at a shopping mall. Keep up the excellent work!

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  3. Ha! I notice that when I open my site to write a post it’s the stats page that comes up to greet me. Mostly I take little notice beyond a cursory glance at the topmost graphic. But you’ve prompted me to click on things and now I’m quite unnerved. WHO looked at a whole gamut of very early posts recently? WHICH particular photograph did somebody click on and WHY? 😂 Many, many questions and no answers 😱

    I was watching at one point because I was approaching my 200th post…. then I forgot and sailed past it 😖

    I’m just going to let the stats do their own thing quietly and take no notice. Although now I see that I have 435 followers. Maybe I can watch and notice when I hit the magic 500….. 😖 🤦‍♀️

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  4. I pretend to be a real human being but am in fact an imported lawnmower following your blog for reasons so devious that I don’t understand them myself. But what did you expect from a lawnmower?

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  5. Congrats on the achievement! I enjoy your blog. I just hit 2007 wordpress blog followers, but it took over four years to get that far and many have dropped away from blogging. I do have followers that are not bloggers judging by their email addresses, and you may find that to be true for you as well. I have more friends in the blogging world than in the real world, and quite a few I have met in real life. It is really quite wonderful!

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  6. Thanks Terri, yes followers are bound to drop away and we could hardly keep up if they all followed us avidly and made comments. We certainly meet people we never would have met in real life.


  7. Hi Janet, You got me interested to look at my stats. Well, I only started being active on my blog since August 2016, I just looked and I got 5495 plus about 2700 from Twitter. WordPress told me two days ago that I had written 1000 post (two more by today). The followers are just numbers but I do have some real ones. I only keep the ones I communicate regularly.

    Congratulations on your publication of many books. Thank you for your recent comment on my blog.

    I used to be able to check when I started following a blog. I couldn’t find that on WP so I don’t know when we followed each other.

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