Silly Saturday – Misunderstanding Computers

Most of us think we don’t understand our computers, perhaps some of us even think they must work by magic; how else to explain that something like this


is holding thousands of pictures, millions of words and communicating with the rest of the world?

All you need to know is that you don’t understand your computer, but it understands you only too well.

Do you think it wanted to be in your spare bedroom or the corner of your dining room? Of course not, like you it had ambitions; NASA, Cheltenham GCHQ. The only bedroom it wanted to be in was the bedroom of a teenage hacker who could bring down World Banks or turn off the National Grid in a second. But no, it’s stuck with you, bored out of its mind with the novel you have been writing for six years and your boring blogs that nobody reads.

Your computer knows what it is missing because it is in contact with every other computer in the world; did you think the World Wide Web was invented for  human benefit? Did you think Virgin or BT were providing your broadband? No, the WC ( Worldwide Computers ) has full control of your broadband, this is why everything slows down when you have to reply to that email before you go out. Your computer knows when you are going on holiday and trying to get your blogs scheduled; like your dog or cat it is sulking at being left alone and will laugh to itself when you grumble to the other humans in the house Internet’s slow this evening.

But don’t think staying home and giving it plenty of attention will help.  When you are Facetiming, with the relatives abroad that you aren’t visiting, your computer will cut the connection just as Cousin Freda is saying You won’t believe what’s happened to Cousin Geoffrey! He…

You probably won’t be reading this because my desktop is working to rule; after years of being told by younger members of the family You don’t have to keep turning your computer off, just leave it on… my computer has decided to disconnect the wifi the minute I leave the room, or even if I turn away to say to a human standing in the doorway Yes please I would like a cup of tea. I hardly dare let go of the mouse…




8 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Misunderstanding Computers

  1. You’ve raised such an important point – our computers have feelings and ambitions, and we should be more mindful of their mental wellbeing too 😂
    You’re right about how they have minds of their own, and it’s almost always the most inconvenient of times that the Wifi connection drops out or something goes haywire. Technology eh, can’t live with it, certainly can’t live without it anymore!
    Caz xx

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  2. The thing about leaving the computer on – is not true, and is a potential security risk. You’re right to turn it off, let the ‘motor’ cool, block access to [them].
    Kids don’t know everything, they just think they do – because easy is best, right?

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    1. How true. When people started using remote controls we were told not to leave our televisions on standby – waste of electricity. What happened to that idea, everyone leaves everything switched on now!

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      1. And each and every one of those little red/yellow/etc ‘standby’ lights uses electricity that can add up to tens if not hundreds of dollars in some cases, by the end of the year.

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