8 thoughts on “Silly Saturday on Strike

  1. Loved the chocolate moose and Stonehenge was also amazing. Our daughter asked to go to the climate change rally but I had a meeting on and couldn’t go with her and I didn’t want her going alone. Thought it might attract predators. It would’ve been great to go into Sydney with them both to the bigger protests. A young man in my daughter’s class was organizing the local protest. I think it is something we really need to standup and fight for but we need to big polluters to act. We’re watching a show about it now on the National Geographic channel.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Yes, I’m not very good at getting to protests and my daughter was here with the 1& 3 year olds so we went to the beach hut instead! But I am excited by how many teenagers all over the world have come out.


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