How to take a blogging holiday.

If you are reading this today I am away and having a blogging holiday. If you are not reading this I haven’t scheduled a blog for today.


Writers getting ready to go on holiday are extra busy as they try to finish their novel or have to go on the radio to be interviewed about how they manage to write a book a year, as well as being a business consultant and having six home schooled children…

Most of us only aspire to getting a blog or 20 scheduled as we cram notebooks and laptops into our suitcase. Don’t worry if you run out of time, other bloggers take blogging breaks and while you are away you areΒ  bound to get fresh inspiration.

We are going north to a town with literary fame, but you will have to wait till next week to find out where. It is also our first attempt at airb&b.



20 thoughts on “How to take a blogging holiday.

  1. Enjoy your holiday, Janet. I’ve only been doing this a short time, and I can see why taking a guilt-free blogging holiday is necessary from time to time.

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    1. Hello Sandra, yes just back and Whitby was great, it’s a long time since we took the children there. We walked up the 199 steps every day with no trouble and had coffee at the youth hostel, also went up the lighthouse and walked to Sandsend just before the tide came in.

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