Silly Saturday – Careful How You Comment

Bloggers love to recieve comments; especially ones that go like this…

Terrific post, I would really like to go there, your photographs are fantastic. ps. I have just downloaded your latest novel.


But comments can go horribly wrong, especially if you decide to check your social media on your smart phone, on a bus stopping and starting in traffic or on the back of a motorbike. I often do the former, haven’t tried the latter. The combination of predictive texting and hitting the wrong letters can lead to disaster.

Hollow Join i rea11y lived your block. i wouldlove to sieve thatport of rhe wwwwwwwwwwwwwprlf. i hive donwlodads you’re knew book and will rewrite my will.


Here is a handy guide to commenting on your favourite bloggers. First make sure you are sitting comfortably and unlikely to be disturbed,Β  otherwise you could end up writing ‘Coffee please’ -‘Don’t forget to get bread’ – ‘I’ll be finished in half an hour’ or ‘Who was that at the door?’


There are just four standard comments you will need.

Beautiful pictures, thanks for the wonderful tour. – Use for anything from blogger’s own garden to The Great Lakes.

You’re so right, if only everyone saw things the same way. – Use for opinions expressed on everything from Brexit to Climate Change.

Fantastic book review, sounds like a great series. – Use when someone else’s novel is being reviewed.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Reblogged…Β  – Use in the unlikely event that it is your book being reviewed.


What is the strangest place you have followed social media from?



34 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Careful How You Comment

  1. Despite always commenting while sitting at my desk in front of my laptop I do soemtimes have typos – usually noticing them just as I hit ‘post comment’. Your example above is like something my cat might produce as she meanders over the keyboard but fortunately she hasn’t found the send button πŸ™‚

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  2. You’re so right, if only everyone saw things the same way πŸ˜‰
    I find phones too hard to do WordPress on, or anything requiring too much typing, I just don’t have the patience. I’m a laptop girl. Give me a real keyboard any day. xx

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  3. ha ha yes! πŸ˜‚ I try to avoid using my phone and even when commenting on the laptop, typos creep in far too often. And just now – whilst typing that last sentence, a side window just appeared which showed what might be very useful information on the latest blog happenings. If only I knew how it happened and if only it hadn’t disappeared as quickly as it came! Clearly the result of my pressing a certain key or combinatiion of keys! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ More haste less speed methinks…

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  4. I remember, long before a smart phone entered our household, going for a walk with daughter and son-in-law – ‘Oh that’s an interesting building..’ S-i-L immediately looked it up on his phone and started reeling off facts – ‘How on earth did you do that?’ Never imagining that one day I would have a ( third hand ) smart phone – but still not be very good at using it.

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    1. I have a desk top computer ( second hand ) with a BIG screen, actually a television screen. My smart phone is third hand, its origins forgotten, probably bought by Cyberspouse from ‘Pete at work’. I do use it to keep track of blogs when away from home – not always a good idea!

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  5. Hi Janet, too funny, especially the part about re writing your will! I have a flip phone with buttons, which helps me stay away from the temptations of using my phone for everything. I love my old Desktop with Windows 7. Unfortunately, like our rescued kitty, it doesn’t travel well, so I’m often left with only my laptop. My typos usually come into focus just after I’ve posted a comment, and I would dearly love an Edit option. I actually didn’t realize till reading these comments that WP doesn’t have that. I figured I just couldn’t find it. πŸ™‚ Now, I’m going to try to find your Follow button.

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  6. My own smartphone while sitting at my desk. I am just terrible at texting and cannot for the life of me get it right. I hate texting; I am an old school letter writer, and I will likely never change no matter what form of techie stuff they come up with. Thank you kindly for the great article, Anne

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      1. And in cursive at that! They don’t teach that anymore, you know. Dreadful, isn’t it. I suppose in the next round, they will have people making straight marks for one word and horizontal for another. I cannot believe they are pairing everything down to such meaningless symbols. Is this the “Brave New World” we have heard and read about? Yes, it is very sad what we have come to in this time.

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  7. Hurrah for some gentle humor on your blog as world politics continue to remain rather grim! I live in the 21st century without any cell phone. But I have three laptops in varying states of functionality β€” due to the endless upgrading and “improving” that is part of the constantly-in-the-process-of-becoming-obsolete business model our capitalist/consumerist culture has created here on planet earth. I have left comments on other media platforms in recent weeks (a local radio station’s web site, for example) which allowed me to edit what I had written after I had posted it. Odd that WordPress doesn’t provide that seemingly simple β€” and exceedingly useful β€” option…

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    1. Dear Will, I wanted to give you a special thanks, and after reading your statements on one of your sites, I have nothing but respect and admiration for you and yours. This situation in the U.S. with the President is deplorable (and right now I am very A-political because neither side is without its fools and follies and this has been growing for years and years). Political apathy, lack of in-depth education of voters and the increasing adherence to the book, 1984, seems to be the direction things are going. Believe it or not, it starts in preschool and kindergarten and gets absolutely worse from there. Children are being taught in a form that is absolutely brainwashing at its worst more and more year by year. I have worked at a paraeducator/aide/teaching substitute for a lot of years in one stage of my own growth, and it is the reason I refused to take a permanent position in that field. I tutor the same children and others on the side, and it is shocking to see how much is removed from their minds. Instead of teaching them concepts and principles, they are being taught words for which they have no understanding whatever, and given math that is so far over their heads when they are not yet in the 4th and 5th grades and without time to adequately digest what they have learned at all. So brainwashing is very easy for such young people because their brains have not been given proper time to digest anything they have been taught. Only those fortunate enough to have tutors or caring parents who try their hardest to help their children to succeed (an uphill battle at best). Even cursive writing is no longer taught, and so degrees of thinking at various levels for subjects are being destroyed. I taught illiterate adults for years, and you would not believe how many of them have gotten all the way through junior college and could not read at 2nd grade level. Teachers are all too willing to put them forward even if they are virtually illiterate; after all, it is not about the children; it is about their own performance, and you only have to attend some of the teacher meetings or listen to them in the lunchroom to understand that.

      And yes, you are totally correct on the fossil fuel industry. I have had friends who have invented environmentally friendly (as much as anything can be) alternatives and they have been known to receive death threats. I suspect before the automobile, it was the railways. And now we are headed to automobiles that can fly when needed. Even something as seemingly innocent as the clothing industry is contributing. If you examine every aspect of production of products used by humans, you will find this to be true; look at the food industry. Pretending to give us healthy foods, return to the processing of these foods and you will find that there is little difference.

      I could write a book about these things, but I am wondering who is left who can read? The current president of this country is brilliant if we read the IQ grades, but dangerously so. He is for all practical purposes, the youngster who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. I have not read it from any others, nor have I seen it written, but it is clearly there. A person with this can be extremely dangerous when put at the head of any group of people, for that person cannot relate to other people and will throw them to the wind without any noticeable reason. But once again, he is not on his own making it to where he stands now; it took a lot of actions along the way that very few people took notice of with many candidates and presidents with their followers. This did not happen out of the blue sky.

      Thank you so much for your wise comments. I suspect that living in two (or more) countries and the way you have been brought up has helped your thinking immensely. It is amazing to find someone who understands the world situations, but at the same time is a decent person with a love of mankind and a love of the good things in life.

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      1. Anne, well said & sad but true. I still canҀ™t help thinking that the benefits of this brain washing to a corporate community which is less and less dependent on a labor force at all, let alone an aware, thoughtful and engaged labor force, is more than just a happy accident.

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  8. Thanks Will. I download all my writing onto various gadgets for fear my third hand computer will suddenly become obsolete at midnight and everything including this blog will evaporate!


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