Silly Saturday – Christmas Cards

If you haven’t posted your Christmas cards yet it’s probably too late, except for the hand delivered ones and why would you give cards to people who live nearby? Why do we put ourselves through Christmas card angst? What has gone on behind the scenes before those cards come through your letter box?


Christmas Cards

I sat down to write the Christmas cards while Terry was watching the football. I was going to be ruthless this year, especially with the price of stamps; no cards for people we were going to see anyway or for people we were never going to see again. That would mean sending hardly any cards at all… Terry roused himself to take an interest, though I couldn’t hear him properly with the television on; why do football commentators have to scream and shout, why can’t they just say quietly and calmly…

…looks like he’s going to get it in the net and save the match, oh dear what a pity, he’s missed.

‘Did we get a card from Brian and Jean?’ said Terry.

‘Oh you mean Alan and Sara, yes, last week, they must do theirs in October. Did you see the card from John and Julie?  Well you should be interested, he’s your ex colleague. They’ve got another grandchild… yes you did, Harry’s nearly three now, we sent him that present. Don’t you want to know whether it’s a boy or girl? Guess what they’ve called her… Faustine… unless it’s the bad handwriting.

Are we sending a card to Geoff and Val? You remember, they went to Spain, well they’re back now, Euro trouble. They say we must meet up. No nor do I, I’ll just put Look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Oh, Deborah says Stephen is engaged to Vicki… she doesn’t say who she is, but it’s about time, I guess they want us to know he isn’t gay after all.

How shall I address the envelope to Wendy? Of course we’re going to send her a card, just because she walked out on your brother…

Shall I save some cards for you to take to the office? I bet they call you Mr. Grumpy, still just as well, we haven’t got many left.

What’s the name of Amelia’s youngest? You should know, they’re your nieces and nephews.

Hasn’t it finished yet… not extra time again… I don’t know why you bother watching football it’s always nil-nil. No I haven’t finished yet, I’ve only got as far as the Ms, I should have bought more stamps.’


18 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Christmas Cards

  1. Pahahah 😂Some would say that Christmas cards were an invention by Hallmark to boost their trade, and it doesn’t hurt the Post Office either with all the billions of stamps being used. I think we can just about get away with emails and e-cards for forgotten or last minute greetings we need to send. Good luck with the packing and wrapping over the weekend – safe travels to Margate on Monday too, pack some wellies & brollies!
    Caz xx

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  2. I used to put a lot of effort into buying just the right Hallmark card. Until I started seeing prices of seven and eight dollars a card. I generally just pop into the nearest dollar store to pick up a few. This year my sister got one card for the whole family. People generally don’t keep cards, and to me its a gift. (Especially at eight dollars) I think it is more environmentally friendly to reduce amount of paper. Imagine the waste of paper over the holidays that will just be thrown out. My Mom is big on the right kind of card, so I do my best, but I don’t go hallmark. Mailing??? I send merry Christmas over social media.
    I love your story about the millions of people that should get cards and the whole process.. It is a great story. Have a merry and safe Christmas 🙂

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    1. Thanks, lots of people are cutting down on cards, especially in groups and clubs where you see people all the time – but invariably someone will come along with cards for everyone, causing a flutter of embarrassment. I keep old cards and cut up to make labels or glue to create recycled cards.


  3. I enjoyed this so much, Janet. I laughed aloud twice: (1) I loved your fantasy sports announcing—”what a pity!” (ha-ha) (2) “Faustine… unless it’s the bad handwriting.”

    I only wish I could have seen your response.—Congratulations! Faustine is such a beautiful name! My fantasy will only be complete when they open your card and say, “Who the hell is Faustine?” 😎

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  4. Loved that hilarious take on the annual card dance. If we believe the Greeting Card Association, we are sending and buying more cards than ever. We have cut back considerably, but I confess that I actually enjoy sending, and receiving, Christmas cards. Don’t get me started on Royal Mail! (Though our local post office is terrific).

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  5. We have stopped putting up decorations and rely on cards to brighten up the room. We have also changed our Christmas tree for a little one that is already decorated. I always buy charity cards and did not use any with glitter on this year in an effort to be ‘green.’ We did send some on line to folk we connect with that way. I will be so happy when we get more daylight. I no longer drive in the dark.
    Funny thing about cards – last year there were more robins and this year there are more Christmas trees.I also think not putting the price on stamps is annoying. It’s quite a shock when you have to buy a book! Best Wishes for 2020.

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