Silly Saturday – Round Cubes

Day three experimenting with blocks. As it’s Silly Saturday it doesn’t matter what happens. So far I have managed to put words on the page and give them a nice yellow background. On the previous blog I turned my pictures round. Now I’m going to see what else I can do with pictures. If you are not reading this, it hasn’t worked.

A Whale’s Jaw

Now I have managed to shrink everything on my screen so can’t see what I am doing…

Sorted my screen, not WordPress’s fault, but have lost all the other stuff so here are some more pictures – let’s have a theme – places you could socially isolate…

Why go on a cruise when you could go on a container ship?
If you pass someone coming the other way on the footpath don’t forget to keep your two metre distance!

11 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Round Cubes

  1. Self isolation in a container on a container ship would be a doddle, provided you could install a porthole and have a siren and/or flashing light to warn the crew that you were coming out for your daily exercise/dose of sunshine/sea sickness, as the case may be. At the other end they’d just crane you off into a quarantine shed for a couple of weeks, and Robert’s your mother’s brother. 🙂

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  2. I’m curious how others are managing with blocks. I’ll be doing a post in a day or two, and I’m waiting to hear the feedback of others.

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    1. Yes Pete so am I. As a technophobe I don’t cope well with change, always fearful of accidentally wiping out my blog and destroying my alta ego. With any device I probably only use 10% of the ‘tools’ available. Just start writing as it tells you and something will pop up. So far it has been hit and miss for me.

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