Silly Saturday – Followers and Following

I don’t often check my statistics and always end up missing vital ones such as latest number of followers. Well I missed 900, but haven’t reached 1000 – perhaps I would have done if I didn’t delete a few along the way. There are bloggers who don’t appear to write any blogs or even exist at all, the many vitamin pill sites, which return over and over again, the odd American realtor, a reviewer of lawn mowers, a site recommending dentists – in the USA, so a bit far for me… but my latest follower is a real treasure, definitely one to keep.

  Great posts worth seeing from Dr_mirror_ogigiwu:

I apparently follow 811 bloggers – at least eleven of these are worth following – only joking. I don’t get 811 Likes for every blog, certainly not 811 comments, but some of them may have been on holiday, or having an off day…

But do we really know anything about who is following and who we follow? Is anybody who they say they are? I am really a world famous actor and best selling novelist who got sick of the fame and adulation and retreated behind a mock blog – Blockery!

16 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Followers and Following

  1. It sounds like you and I are followed by the same nonexistent readers–the vitamin sites, the lawn mower reviews, the guy (I assume) who can bring back my ex-husband, which really would not be a good idea, although I haven’t gotten around to telling him that yet. I really must before he works his magic.

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  2. Definitely a keeper, that one – really multi-skilled. I’d watch out for #14 and #15 though.

    Given that I allegedly have more than 1,000 followers the typical 20 or so likes per post seems a bit thin. I can only assume that I have many illiterate followers 😉

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  3. I have had so much spam lately, Janet, it is absolutely ridiculous. All the people in lock down are getting fake accounts and spamming genuine bloggers it seems. I also seem to interact mainly with a specific group of bloggers but I do visit a wide spectrum of bloggers, even if some of them don’t return my calls.

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  4. Your latest follower is priceless. I’d be tempted to write him back just to ask, “Yes, but do you clean toilets. I’m really looking for a specialist in that area.” 😎

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  5. It seems this spanning is a full job..some of them thankfully not many manage to write something akin to war and peace and all in Russian..the rest have a more than a passing similarity to yours…no window cleaners or toilet cleaners though unless it is the Russian…Thank you again for making me smile 🙂

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  6. Thanks for liking my posts, Janet and apologies for being late in catching up with yours. I start off with the best of intentions but by the time I’ve finished ordering Viagra and Bitcoins, and claimed my many millions from Nigerian princes, the day seems to disappear.
    Now your secret photo has been revealed, I’ll keep a look-out for the best-selling author carrying a distinctive bucket. 😀

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