Silly Saturday – Stonehenge’s Stones

A good news item this week was that ‘a new scientific breakthrough has, for the first time, allowed geologists to pinpoint almost exactly where Stonehenge’s giant stone uprights and lintels came from. Scientists from the University of Brighton have traced the stones to a small very specific two square mile patch of woodland just south of the village of Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Builders of Stonehenge probably chose it as their source of stone because of the exceptional sizes and relative flatness of many of its sarsen boulders.

So no one has ever noticed before that in a little wood nearby, there are huge stones lying around that just happen to look like the ones at Stonehenge? Did no one ever trip over them or fall down the holes left when the Stonehenge Sarsens were extracted?

Warning, photo taken before Covid 19 social distancing

The other ‘exciting revelation was this… ‘Professor Nash was able to analyse the Stonehenge sarsens because a core extracted from one of the monument’s giant stones during repair work in the 1950s (and taken to America by one of the engineers involved in that work) was returned to English Heritage last year.’

What! Some chap is tidying up his office and suddenly thinks ‘Now where did I put that bit of Stonehenge sixty years ago…’ Was he embarrassed to return it after all this time?

15 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Stonehenge’s Stones

  1. I read about this, too, and wondered about the guy having a bit of Stonehenge rock for years. Mind you, we have a paper knife made out of a piece of the original wood from Winchester Cathedral!

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    1. Ha ha, are you sure your paper knife is real, not like those religious relics… I own a brick of Guildford Cathedral, bought on a Brownie outing, we also bought some Lego bricks for the model of Durham Cathedral!

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  2. Hmmm. The science reported in the article would suggest the rocks were what was lying around after everything else eroded (a bit like plastic waste really) and then all that was needed was a cult with elbow grease and nothing else to do with their time (or aliens). As for the forgetful American scientist, the one certain thing is he didn’t have rocks in his head. 😉

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  3. I suspect the creators of Stonehenge would be mystified by all of the fuss. It is fascinating to learn that scientists have pinpointed their origin.

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