Silly Saturday- Dropping into Documentaries

I never get invited to be in documentaries. I was watching a documentary about a well known artist the other night, admiring her garden as she wandered down the path to her interesting studio. Then into the studio saunters a young man and on the screen appear the words Fred Bloggs ( not his real name, which I forget ) friend and writer. I have no idea what he has written, perhaps I should have heard of him and read all his work. But it doesn’t matter, he enjoys a certain kudos just by being a friend of a famous ( and infamous ) artist. Did he just turn up or did the producers plan his role and coach his lines to the artist ‘Have you got time for a cup of coffee?’ Luckily she had and they chat about her work, not his writing.

How do you get to appear in someone else’s documentary? It helps to actually have a friend who is a famous artist, or any friends at all. I do have some artistic friends, but nobody has made a documentary about them.

It also works the other way round. I was watching a documentary about a writer last night and lo and behold, we pan to a studio and there is someone else whose name I forget; the screen says Joe Smith, friend and artist. A great asset for the film makers because they can film him painting a portrait of his famous friend. Now I just need to find an artist who paints portraits and wait for someone to make a documentary about me.

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7 thoughts on “Silly Saturday- Dropping into Documentaries

  1. I have the solution! I have the solution! Make your own documentary: The Interesting Tale of an Ordinary Life. Phones nowadays tape quality videos. You could ask neighbours to share tales about you. I would watch that!

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  2. I never watch TV, Janet, so I haven’t seen these documentaries. That being said, documentaries are something I would watch. I have been on TV for interviews about my non-fiction books. I find it very stressful even though, after a few interviews, I learned to plan my main points and get them all in on the first question leaving little time for additional questions. It works really well. I did my last one in 2017 and don’t think I’ll ever do another. I prefer the quiet life.

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  3. In the unlikely event of being asked to be the subject of a documentary, the price of my cooperation would be first class tickets for all my favorite bloggers (including you, of course) to fly to Australia so you could just happen to pop in while you’re there on your world book signing tour. 🙂

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